Why it makes sense to build a brand around a singular idea

  Building a business on just one idea can help a new startup to differentiate itself from the competition.  Choose your idea, decide on a strategy for developing it into a viable business then execute that strategy effectively and you could be on your way to translating your single idea into a successful brand.   [ Read full article on entrepreneur.com ]

20 genuine gestures that will boost your business and cost you nothing

Money and time are important issues for any business, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs and startups. Nevertheless, there are several things managers can do to boost their team's mood without expending too much time or energy. The following article suggests 20 gestures that will help your business for free. [ Read full article on entrepreneur.com ]

How to be a successful entrepreneur while being a successful parent

Building a business while raising your kids is a difficult task: you work hard to do a good job in both situations and if you do it's incredibly rewarding. Although both take a lot of time and effort, it is possible to successfully blend family and work. Here are some tips that include involving your kids in your business, sticking to routines, taking breaks and not being afraid to ask for help. [ Read full article on smallbiztrends.com ]

Why you should build on what you know to create a successful business

Entrepreneur, business consultant and university professor Michael Glauser reveals how to achieve your dreams by implementing the nine keys of entrepreneurial success in his book,  Main Street Entrepreneur . In this edited excerpt, you will learn why it’s better to start a business in an industry you’re familiar with rather than one you know nothing about. [ Read full article on entrepreneur.com ]

12 experts discuss the difference between leadership and influence

While leadership and influence are related (and sometimes even interchangeable) they aren't exactly the same; you can aim to be both a leader and an influencer but you have to understand the difference. Twelve Forbes Coaches Council members explain each concept and offer some high-level examples to illustrate the impact of each. [ Read full article on forbes.com ]

The new social media marketing disrupter: Chatbots

If tech industry predictions come true, some of our most important interactions with brands will soon occur via chatbots. Facebook recently opened up its Messenger service to branded chatbots, meaning companies can now create bots to converse with the platform’s 900 million users. As the technology develops, users could ultimately purchase items via chatbots, ask customer service questions, check into flights, or get advice about what to wear for today’s weather. Social media marketing, one of t...

A networking trick you'll like even if you hate networking

For some entrepreneurs networking is all about  connecting with as many people as possible. For others it can seem rather daunting and, for introverts in particular, it may be an ordeal they prefer to avoid. With research showing just how important networking is for finding a new job,  new clients, or a potential business partner, a simplified networking strategy that favours quality over quantity could be the key to success. [ Read full article on inc.com ]

15 steps I took to successfully reinvent myself after losing everything

Having successfully sold his start up, John Rampton was living the dream as a newly married, multi-millionaire with a guaranteed, high-salary job for a year. Just six months later, however, his new startup failed leaving him bankrupt. Realizing the importance of embracing failure and learning from his experience, he successfully adapted to his dramatic change in circumstances by following his own 15 top tips for reinventing himself. [ Read full article on entrepreneur.com ]  

Scientists say 4 characteristics could predict whether you'll become a CEO

The results of almost 3,000 interviews with CEOs, CFOs and COOs, conducted on behalf of the  University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Copenhagen Business School, reveal four key characteristics that determine suitability for a CEO position.  The study, led by Steven N. Kaplan and Morten Sorensen, indicates that people with  a high level of general ability, execution skills, charisma, and strategic skills are the most likely to be successful as a CEO. [ Read full article ...

9 Things the most influential and persuasive people do, backed by science

Think about all the extremely successful people you know. I guarantee they're incredibly good at selling themselves, selling their ideas--in short, they're incredibly good at persuading other people. Maybe that's because selling is the one skill everyone needs to be successful?. [ Read full article at inc.com ]

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