Learn to accept that it does not matter

We may have a tendency to compare ourselves with others and judge our skills to be inferior. However, by concentrating on our own ambitions and aspirations we can ignore our weaknesses and focus instead on improving our strengths to set ourselves up for success. [ Read the full article on perfectimpulse.com ]

The most powerful advice entrepreneurs ignore

Disruptive Performance Strategist Graham Young looks into why budding entrepreneurs are often reluctant to ask for help, how they can overcome their reservations and the steps they can take to reach out for guidance and advice. [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

How to give better employee performance reviews

  According to a recent survey, employees find the traditional annual performance review to be time-consuming, inadequate, and outdated. By revamping your review process to embrace the latest technology and provide immediate feedback to employees, you can create a culture of continuous improvement. [ Read the full article on businessnewsdaily.com ]

What if the most powerful people in business were women?

Female leadership is dramatically underrepresented among Fortune 500 companies, according to research. Despite the massive gender gap, there is evidence to suggest that women make better entrepreneurs. Sharon Bush shares her thoughts on the innate qualities that women bring to the table.  [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

What strong leaders delegate the most

Business owners often have to be both a leader and a manager, juggling every aspect of their business. A strong leader, however, recognizes that they can’t do everything themselves and must develop good delegation skills. Here are the three things they delegate the most. [ Read the full article on allbusiness.com ]

Warren Buffett's 3 top pieces of advice for entrepreneurs

Business magnate, investor and philanthropist, Warren Buffet recently shared his top tips for business success with small-business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs when he delivered speeches to graduates of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program and to delegates attending the United State of Women Summit.  [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

Can stress at work actually be a good thing for your business?

We hear a lot about the damaging impact that stress may have on our jobs, our lives and our health. There is another side to stress, however. While persistent stress is unhealthy, short periods of stress can be beneficial. This article explains the difference between the two and offers practical tips for managing stress in the workplace.  [ Read the full article on allbusiness.com ]

Use these 10 words in conversation to get what you want

Different circumstances require a different style of language and we adapt our vocabulary accordingly. There are certain words, however, that we can use in any situation to create an impression, engage the listener, and improve our chances of a positive response to our requests.  [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

9 daily questions that could improve your life forever

Setting aside time for self-reflection helps us to better understand ourselves - our motives, behaviours and beliefs. It also creates an opportunity to change how we see ourselves, and how others see us.  By starting with a few simple questions we can establish a daily practice to boost our confidence and motivation. [ Read the full article on businessinsider.com ]

Rohn: 7 personality traits of a great leader

A key ingredient of good leadership is the ability to attract top talent and, according to Jim Rohn, to attract quality people you need to become a person of quality yourself. Here he shares his tips for refining your own skills and developing the essential characteristics of an effective leader. [ Read the full article on success.com ]

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