7 Great 30-day challenges to help you overcome a plateau

Everyone hits a plateau occasionally where we feel stuck, instead of making progress towards our desired goal. Here are 7 challenges that can help you pass the plateau as quickly as possible to avoid losing momentum. [ Read the full article on perfectimpulse.com ]

Breakthrough storytelling starts with audience intelligence

As an entrepreneur or small business, it can be extremely difficult to reach your customers given the abundance of media and content vying for their attention. The way to break through is to differentiate your brand by telling a better story than your competitors - and the key to achieving this is audience intelligence. [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

Know this about modern consumer behavior or forget reaching your revenue goals

Although people have money to spend, the first half of this year hasn’t been the most profitable for retailers, says Tracey Wallace, Managing Editor of Bigcommerce. The problem is that consumers aren’t shopping like they used to and very few brands are properly addressing the solution. [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

5 Key ingredients for corporate innovation

To capitalize on innovation opportunities, enterprises need to leverage their available assets quickly and effectively, says Avner Mor, Founder and CEO of Dyadic.  This requires senior management to be transformation-oriented and to create the right conditions for innovation leaders to thrive. Here Mor shares his recipe for shaping the odds in their favor.  [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

LinkedIn launches programmatic buying for its display ads

Display ads are more accessible to advertisers, according to LinkedIn’s announcement earlier this week. Programmatic buying will allow brands make real-time bids on display ads within their own demand-side platforms or third-party ad networks that are used to manage ads for other media properties. [ Read the full article on venturebeat.com ]

Small tech hubs: Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Nashville, and New Orleans want your startup

With the high costs of Silicon Valley and New York City putting off many entrepreneurs, smaller startup hubs are beginning to offer access to resources and networks, with financial incentives, and a lower cost of living. Here are some of the advantages on offer at Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Nashville and New Orleans. [ Read the full article on venturebeat.com ]

Three simple steps to better employee engagement

A recent study shows that organizations with the highest levels of employee engagement demonstrate higher returns for shareholders. With research showing that greater levels of personal responsibility lead to better performance, organizations are looking to creative structures and a collaborative culture to boost employee engagement. [ Read the full article on theguardian.com ]

Techxit: London startup scene fears impact of Brexit

  The uncertainty generated by the UK’s decision to leave the EU is leading some companies to reconsider entering the UK market, while others talk of scaling back investment and possibly moving their headquarters out of London. Not everyone thinks Brexit will harm London startups however, with some investors still looking for fresh prospects given the city’s excellent business environment and the fact that entrepreneurs adapt quickly. [ Read the full article on venturebeat.com ]

The top 17 startups to launch so far in 2016

Using information from founders, venture capitalists and funding data, Business Insider identifies some of the startups to make a big splash this year. From seeking a cure for cancer to self-driving trucks, here are 17 of the top startups to launch so far in 2016. [ Read the full article on businessinsider.com ]

66% of people have used a messaging app to communicate with a business

A recent survey highlights the number of people who are using message apps and SMS to communicate with businesses. Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), who carried out the research, says there are still around 24 per cent of SMS users and 35 percent of chat app users who are currently unengaged, so there is still plenty of scope for new apps to grab some market share. [ Read the full article on venturebeat.com ]

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