7 Ways to unleash your presentation genius

Presenting is becoming an invaluable skill and in some cases being able to stand out from the crowd can be crucial to the success of your project. These tips provide a valuable insight into the process and help you to develop greater creativity in your approach. [ Read the full article on lifehack.org ]

How to remember 90% of everything you learn

Learning, whether it is for personal or professional development, is good exercise for keeping our brains healthy.  Research shows that different learning methods affect how much we remember, and by choosing the right blend of activities we can maximize the time we spend learning. [ Read the full article on lifehack.org ]

9 ways to deal with change

While some people seem to take them in their stride, life-altering events can throw you off course. Whether it’s positive event such marriage and having children or it’s a redundancy or bereavement, any major life event can be stressful so here are a few tips to help you cope. [ Read the full article on success.com ]

9 Reasons why your personal brand isn't resonating

We all make mistakes form time to time; the key is to learn from them by identifying where we went wrong and adapting our approach to get it right next time. It’s the same with personal branding; so here are 9 top tips for identifying your weak spots and making the necessary improvements. [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

Learning to be an entrepreneur: 5 steps to success

While having certain personality traits is a good indicator of whether or not entrepreneurship is right for you, there are also aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset that can be learnt, along with the necessary business skills. Some experts in the field share their top tips to help you lay a good foundation for success.   [ Read the full article on businessnewsdaily.com ]

5 Underrated ways to boost your productivity

It can sometimes be difficult to stay on task when you're your own boss, especially when you are working alone. So here are some tips for avoiding some of the distractions and keeping the momentum going. [ Read the full article on perfectimpulse.com ]

5 Deadly kinds of ego that prey upon your success

Becoming successful may give our ego an opportunity to work against us. However, when we recognise the warning signs and act promptly to balance our ego and pride with hard work and persistence we can remain focused on continuing to achieve our goals. [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

Ready or not, companies will soon be tracking your emotions

Several projects are using devices that gather biometric data and track facial cues to identify emotional reactions. While companies can target their advertising, products and services by analyzing consumer response, there are other potential applications such as identifying a sleepy driver, or spotting a potential security threat. [ Read the full article on inc.om ]

How the best entrepreneurs manage risk

As Lewis Schiff puts it: “Risk is part of entrepreneurship. And the best entrepreneurs are the best risk managers. The trick is to look for or create opportunities with a comfortable balance between risk and reward.” Here he follows one software design company’s evolution and how its founder has been honing his approach to risk management. [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

Vertical is on the horizon of the on-demand economy

  In this age of instant gratification, on-demand services are big business. Whether you are looking to outsource jobs, rent someone else’s home for a short stay, get a ride home, or have something delivered within minutes, it’s all just a few taps on a smartphone away.  [ Read the full article on entrepreneur.com ]

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