15 steps I took to successfully reinvent myself after losing everything

Having successfully sold his start up, John Rampton was living the dream as a newly married, multi-millionaire with a guaranteed, high-salary job for a year. Just six months later, however, his new startup failed leaving him bankrupt. Realizing the importance of embracing failure and learning from his experience, he successfully adapted to his dramatic change in circumstances by following his own 15 top tips for reinventing himself. [ Read full article on entrepreneur.com ]  

Scientists say 4 characteristics could predict whether you'll become a CEO

The results of almost 3,000 interviews with CEOs, CFOs and COOs, conducted on behalf of the  University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Copenhagen Business School, reveal four key characteristics that determine suitability for a CEO position.  The study, led by Steven N. Kaplan and Morten Sorensen, indicates that people with  a high level of general ability, execution skills, charisma, and strategic skills are the most likely to be successful as a CEO. [ Read full article ...

9 Things the most influential and persuasive people do, backed by science

Think about all the extremely successful people you know. I guarantee they're incredibly good at selling themselves, selling their ideas--in short, they're incredibly good at persuading other people. Maybe that's because selling is the one skill everyone needs to be successful?. [ Read full article at inc.com ]

4 Tips for fixing mistakes

Your young company just made an epic mistake -- maybe your product is faulty, or a customer is just really (and rightfully) unhappy. You’re having night sweats and panic attacks. But take a deep breath and repeat four very important words:  service recovery paradox theory.  It’s a social science phenomenon, in which your occasional failures make customers trust you more. It helps them see you as human. But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. “The chances of customer retaliation...

The 6 most important tech trends, according to Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent, Alphabet, has spent his entire career predicting how technology can change the world. While traveling the globe as essentially the company’s global ambassador, meeting with world leaders and giving talks, he isn’t slowing down on espousing about what he says are the most important future technologies. [ Read full article at entrepreneur.com ]

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