Traditional marketing tools often overlooked by startups

For most startups, their marketing strategy includes only online activities such as lead generation, social media, email marketing, content marketing , pay-per-click, and their website. While this is all vital to your overall marketing plan, there are other avenues available to you depending on your target market. In this article, we look at traditional marketing tools often overlooked by startups that include strategies and methods for introducing your business to the world.   Direct mail ...
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How user generated content can grow your brand

  Is user generated content the latest fad, or is it a viable way for you to grow your business? First, let's define it. User generated content (UGC) is any content that unpaid contributors, your customers or fans share online. This might be in the format of reviews, social media posts, videos, blog posts, tweets, pictures and more. It's a big boon for your startup, not the latest fad, and it's something you should definitely be encouraging your customers to do. To help you, let's look at h...
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The robots are coming: Good news for employees

While using augmented reality games or tools such as Alexia can be cool, robotics, AI and VR in the workplace are scary for many people. For business leaders chartered with digitalization, this creates a dilemma as successful technology adoption requires full engagement and support of staff members. Faced with change, employees need to first understand this CAN be good news. Digital tools can make it easier to complete projects and provide opportunities to learn – leading to higher salary and gr...
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What you should know before hiring an accountant for your startup

  Managing your money right from the start is vital to the health of your startup. When hiring an accountant, outsourcing your accounting, or hiring an employee to manage your books, you want to be absolutely confident in who you choose as they are responsible for managing your money. Your accountant helps you navigate the numbers and make the best financial decisions. If the numbers aren't accurate, it can be hard to grow and succeed as a small business. Let's look at what you should know ...
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Supermarket leverages digitalization to increase revenue and employee satisfaction

​ With new online competition, success in the retail grocery market is increasingly challenging. When tasked with implementation of technology to reduce the cost and increase efficiency of customer checkout, the leaders on one local store of a large chain took a creative approach. They started with the standard pilot of self-serve checkout stations; however, this had limited adoption. When asking customers as they were queueing for the 'traditional checkout' about their resistance to the self-se...
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