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Why sharing is caring

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We do not know about you, but we LOVE being part of the knowledge economy. Especially these days when SHARING is a big part of the game.

Sharing knowledge in this way is a fairly new concept, but still it is easy to get stuck in the old way of thinking about this. We are so used to holding back on ideas and insights and to share them only with a few. Most people do not understand how anyone can share valuable advice for free. Sometimes we even start thinking that there has to be a hidden agenda, that this is too good to be true. And of course, sometimes, it is. But things are changing. Today knowledge is a commodity. From almost every corner of the world you can deep dive into top-notch research, experience, and advice. As long as you know how to do it.

Today it is not “what you know” that differs the winners from the more mediocre ones, but it is “what you do.” As in – “what you do with the knowledge you behold.”

Some common feedback we get from people who’ve been reading the very blog you are reading right now is: But, you are giving it all away? Why do you do that, you could charge money for this?

They do not understand at all how we can justify sharing our insights, reflections and even tools for free – and still run a business where we charge money for what we do.

But, you know what, there are actually three really good reasons for giving it away:


First, We are convinced that the better the leadership qualifications we see in the world, the better the world will become. And the more people we meet who agree with us on this and work with this in mind, the better it is!


Second, we really enjoy being on the receiving end ourselves. To be given the gift that someone’s been digging up and sharing as great content is a bliss, and makes the day much more fun. We so appreciate all the valuable input we get from others, that it is pure joy to be able to give something back. Working like this is like a Perpetuum Mobile – a machine creating its own energy. The more we give, the more we get. And we just love it!


Third, we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. If we want to see it that way. For years we’ve been in the game as leaders and executives ourselves. When we finally were exposed to process thinking, including various tools and methods on how to achieve what you want, we were amazed by the instant effect. We’ve made it our mission to collect and share the best ones with leaders who want to make a difference. Leaders like you. And one way to do this is through this blog. Which we do for free. Another way is through processes we run for groups we work with, or online programs for individual leaders. Which we get paid for. That is our way of dealing with the abundance of energy and capacity we are a part of.


But – back to where we started. SHARING. What we hope is that you, as a leader, also look at the world with this in mind. And do whatever you can do. Remember, the better shape of your own leadership, the more influence you will have on the ones stepping up after you. Many more potential leaders will look to you and use what you do as the framework for their own leadership fundamentals.

So, please help us make the world a better place by 1) be the best leader you can be and 2) help others become the same.

Together there is nothing we can’t do.

Blog courtesy of Brainwells

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