The wealth of effective leadership

“Most men can stand adversity, very few men can stand success” – Walter Sachs

Over the years, I have quietly studied some of the greatest American organizational leaders from the corporate to non-profit sector.  Due to my strides to be a great entrepreneur and leader, I knew that I had to be a devoted student and go through history to study the blueprints that past leaders left behind, so that one day the blueprint I create can share the same paper in the books that will be studied.

The title “leader” is a crown to be valued in the highest form. During my studies, I recognized that great leaders received great praise and power due to the areas they specifically focused on. They didn’t spread themselves thin and they knew how to delegate. They were visionaries and strong in their principles.  In today’s society, there are many self-proclaimed leaders and individuals who invest in their ego more than the people who [choose] to follow them. No matter the industry, we can see when leadership is weak or non-existent. Their work ethic is subpar and the execution is as gentle as a cubs paw.  They lead their people on false hope and achieve very little strides to a bright future for their organizations.

Those who look to be GREAT leaders MUST first commit to (3) things:

  • Value the people they lead
  • Relate to the value of others
  • Enhance the value of others

When a person leads by a VALUE to RELATE and ENHANCE, s/he becomes more of an effective leader. Thriving cultures are created due to effective leadership. When you are leading an organization, you must know that your organization’s culture begins in the recruitment process (not after someone receives an acceptance letter or salary offer). Great leaders lead in cultures that grow the talent that is needed.  They don’t look outside the group first; that should always be the last option.  

An example of this was back when Goldman Sachs was a private firm. Their associates were recruited directly from the very top business schools rather than from competitors. They didn’t tolerate individualism. Many people who tried to be apart of Sachs culture felt the process was wack (not for the cool kids) and preferred going to companies, where in their culture, individual performance was applauded and assimilation was less important. Even though this would be something that would stroke egos, Goldman Sachs still outshines those companies.  They outshine others because of how the leaders valued the people within the organizations.

When you are an effective leader, you will attract the following:

  • Loyalty and total devotion
  • Less politics within your  group (keep it out from the beginning)
  • Passionate followers, members, or employees
  • Great individuals who will add to the value of your organization and culture

There is a great deal of wealth you can receive when you are an effective leader. Your small companies can become Fortune 500 firms, your culture can begin to flourish, and you will be able to attract the best individuals who will be more than willing to release their greatness on the platforms in which you lead.

All you have to do is VALUE, RELATE, and ENHANCE!


Blog courtesy of RahfealGordon

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