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The Human Side of Strategy (The only way to go)



The Human Side of Strategy

Strategy starts with you. It must become a natural part of your everyday life and thus a part of the company’s DNA. Only then, can you start dreaming of the success that you deserve.

As you know – strategy is a plan. A plan of how to reach your goals. It can be printed on paper. Or presented neatly on PowerPoint. But no matter how good your strategy and enchanting your presentations, to succeed you must first hit a chord with your employees. And make sure that they take ownership of your strategic framework.


We call this The Human Side of Strategy

Not only is the Human Side of Strategy the only way to go in a world that is constantly changing, but it is also the absolutely strongest asset that you have to reach your goals. The quality, engagement and collaborative skills of the people on your team are also the strongest differentiators when it comes to your competitors and the market.


And what is this Human Side of Strategy all about?

It is about the power of many. When we are aligned in our efforts, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. The magic, collaborative strength enables us to do the most amazing things, if we know how to use the collective intelligence we behold. When we connect our rational and emotional minds and multiply them by many – things will happen. This is pure physics. So make sure to use this power of many in a good way.


(Read more about the power of many in the Blog “Why You’ll LOVE being an Involving Leader”)


If we experience purpose in what we are devoting our time to, we are finding meaning. As Aaron Hurst, the author of The Purpose Economy, says: “People gain purpose when they grow personally, when they establish meaningful relationships, and when they are in service to something greater than themselves.”


And Simon Sinek says this in his well known TED-talk "

."  “Do something that matters – for your clients, for the environment or for your employees. A strong feeling of purpose also fulfills the need of being part of something bigger than ourselves, which most people feel is important.


(Read more about purpose in our Huffington Post blog “Corporate Dugnad – CSR The Norwegian Way” )


In the times that we are heading into, intuition and logic need to operate side-by-side. We like to identify the corporations that can handle this as Emotionally Intelligent Organizations. Did you know that the electrical impulse of the heart is 40 – 60 times stronger than those of the brain? ( ). We’re not saying that engaging the heart will do it all, but if you fail and only communicate to the rational mind you are missing out on something important. At best you will experience a big ‘yawn!’ And at worst you will lose your best people.


The Human Side of Strategy is all about engagement

To sum it all up – it is all about the level of engagement. Bain and Company precisely summarized this in a recent article: “Engaged employees go the extra mile to deliver. Their enthusiasm rubs off on other employees and on customers. They provide better experiences for customers, approach the job with energy – which enhances productivity – and come up with creative product, process and service improvements. They remain with their employer for longer tenures, which reduces turnover and its related costs. In turn, they create passionate customers who buy more, stay longer and tell their friends – generating sustainable growth.

In many aspects of the world we have started to accept that it is all connected; people, the environment, experience, learning, spirituality, physics, products and services. It’s all there. And it is about time that how we look at strategy, embraces this way of thinking.


Leaders and organizations that succeed with The Human Side of Strategy seem to be powered by some kind of ‘inner force.’ It is an energy and mindset that can be seen in their processes, how they handle each other and their clients, and a culture that can be best described as “this is how we do things around here.”

You can do it, too. You just need to decide that The Human Side of Strategy is important for you.


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