Should your startup consider a shorter working week?

A business in New Zealand experimented by offering their employees a 32-hour work week while paying them for 40 hours. The results? Happier employees and increased productivity. In fact, the experiment worked so well the company found their staff to be on time, have better attendance, take less breaks, and produce at the same level as they did with their five-day work week. While this same experiment has been repeated in countries all over the world, it may leave you wondering if your startup sh...
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8 tips for creating a great startup office

Whether you are about to launch your startup, or you already have, you've probably had many ideas about what your office would look like and feel like. After all, it's quite common to think of the startup office as the cool place with the ultra-hip and chic vibe, and you might want that feel for your own space. So, how do you create the perfect office where people have the freedom to move around, the flexibility to work where they are most productive, with design elements that are attractive to ...
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