8 tips to eradicate employee burnout

You may not think your employees are feeling overworked, but the reality is that many staff members are at risk of burnout. That's the word from a Gallup poll conducted last year, which found that 23 percent of employees felt burned out at work either "always" or "very often," while another 44 percent described themselves as being burned out "sometimes." This leaves only about a quarter of full-time employees not at risk of burnout. If you're of the mindset that staff members are replaceable if ...
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Why every product you make should pass this 5-question test

To be successful as an entrepreneur you need to add value to the lives of your customers, whether it's through the products or services you create or the way in which you deliver them. Yet the same products that provide the convenience and ease of use that we seek as consumers can also be detrimental to our health and wellbeing. "What's true of snack foods is also true of the technologies we use," writes Thomas Goetz, and "it's the responsibility of every entrepreneur to consider the impact of t...
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