Shareaholic: Search overtook social for referral traffic in 2017 as Google passed Facebook

A new report reveals a sharp drop in Facebook's share of traffic referrals, with Google replacing the traffic that publishers are losing from Facebook. The report, by social discovery and sharing platform Shareaholic, also shows significant increases in referral traffic for both Pinterest and Instagram. "Shareaholic found Google's share increased from 28.56 percent in 2016 to 34.66 percent in 2017, while Facebook fell from 30.92 percent in 2016 to 22.64 percent in 2017," writes Emil Protalinski....
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3 super simple Pinterest strategies to quickly grow your website's traffic

When choosing social media channels for marketing you may not have considered using Pinterest, and yet it could be one of the most effective marketing platforms for your business. Visual marketing on Pinterest can increase brand awareness, boost engagement, influence buying decisions and drive more traffic to your website. Business and social media expert Melyssa Griffin shares how she doubled her website traffic in three months and grew her revenue 5x within one year of implementing her Pintere...
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