5 advantages of seeking venture capital

You're beginning a new company and as such, you're most likely looking for funding. This is where venture capital comes in.What is venture capital? It's the financing that is invested in startups. It's usually a high risk investment with the potential for unlimited growth.Most people who provide venture capital do it on an ongoing basis. In other words, that's their business. To help you decide whether or not you should seek it out, we look at the five advantages of seeking venture capital. ...
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More than $1 billion in new capital has been earmarked for women entrepreneurs. Here's where to find it

Despite outperforming their male counterparts, the odds are stacked against most female founders when it comes to raising venture capital funding. The fundraising process can be gruelling for any entrepreneur. And, in a male-dominated industry, women also face a potential minefield of gender stereotyping and biased attitudes. When pitching to investors, they're often held to different standards than their male counterparts and are treated differently or asked different questions. Some inves...
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5 things VC firms wish entrepreneurs knew about that first meeting

Raising the finance you need to take your startup to the next level is a gruelling process and the crucial first meeting with a venture capital firm can be especially daunting. The goal of your first meeting with venture capitalists is to get a second meeting. And since the chances of any startup getting a second meeting are statistically very slim, you need to make sure you create a good first impression. The key to a successful meeting is to come well prepared, says investor Paul Maedar who sh...
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