5 tips to help you determine the value of your startup

When it comes time for startup valuation, you may wonder just how you can work out the value of your startup. The methods are important because you may not have a huge revenue stream which makes valuation a bit harder. In this article, we look at five tips to help you determine the value of your startup. After all, you want to earn this highest valuation from your investors, instead of being undervalued.  #1: Talk to your accountant, lawyer, and investors Yes, you are most often worth what ...
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7 things your opt-in forms need to do to gain email subscribers

Email marketing can be a highly effective and inexpensive way to boost sales and increase customer loyalty and it starts with your opt-in form. To grow your subscriber list, you need to pique your readers' curiosity with engaging copy that compels them to opt-in. Your audience needs to feel confident about giving you their email address and they need to understand the value they'll get in exchange, says marketing expert Susan Gunelius. Here Gunelius shares how to improve your email marketing to ...
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Should freelancers ever work for free?

Freelancers are often approached with requests to do some pro bono work on the basis that it's an opportunity to gain publicity and will lead to paid work in the future. Although a particular job may prove to be an invaluable addition to your portfolio, exposure isn't going to pay your bills. And although you may occasionally meet someone who lands a lucrative contract after doing some free work, such claims rarely live up to their promise. While there are no simple answers w...
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