What startups need to know about vacation policies

Do startups offer vacation time? How much vacation time is normal? Does everyone get the same amount? Because this can be such a hot topic for your newly hired team, we look at what startups need to know about vacation policies. Today's workers, especially Millennials , don't like the traditional model of earning vacation where you have to wait months or even years to get two weeks of paid vacation. To cater to this growing subset as well as the generation of workers coming up behind them, you w...
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10 ways to keep your business running smoothly while you’re on vacation

Working long and hard every day puts you at risk of burnout, while being able to relax and spend more time outdoors helps to reduce stress and boost your creativity. And yet many entrepreneurs find it difficult to take vacations, even when they have a talented team they can trust to run the business in their absence. To stop you spending your vacation time worrying about what's happening back in the office, here are some top tips from members of the Young Entrepreneur Council for making sure eve...
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