Where are the unicorns?

There are 309 private companies around the world valued at $1B+ as of 1/18/2019. Collectively these companies are worth as much as $1,085B and have raised a combined total of nearly $261B.Last year, 111 new companies joined the global unicorn club — a 56% increase from the 71 new unicorns in 2017.The unicorns are in 13 categories, from autotech, traveltech, health, fintech, ecommerce, social, cybersecurity, ondemand, internet software services, hardware, edtech, aerospace, renewables, real estat...
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The formula behind San Francisco’s startup success

San Francisco is home at least 32 startups believed to be at or near the $1 billion threshold, according to Crunchbase data. And, despite being a diverse bunch of companies, analysis of the startup funding, exit, and unicorn creation data has revealed a number of shared traits. You're not likely to replicate their recipe for success "without talent, drive, connections and timing," says Joanna Glasner. If you do have those ingredients however, following the principles she shares here may give you...
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