Three tips to make investors actively listen to your whole pitch

If you haven't grabbed an investor's attention within the first 20-30 seconds of your pitch, it's unlikely you'll be able to pique their interest any further into it. From the moment you enter the room, it's your job to convince potential investors that your startup has something exciting they'll want to invest in—and everything you say and do needs to reflect that. Careful planning and thorough preparation are crucial for a successful pitch: this definitely isn't the time to wing it! This recen...
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Research shows the best resumes and cover letters use these words and phrases (in moderation)

​ Recruiters and hiring managers often receive literally hundreds of applications for a single role and are skilled at quickly scanning them to find what they're looking for. While a good resume increases your chances of being invited to interview, the definition of a "good resume" is subjective. Each recruiter is different, and their advice about what works and what doesn't can vary accordingly. With this in mind, researchers examined various resume writing tactics to determine how they're...
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Starting your own business in 2018? 3 questions to ask first

Starting your own business is an exciting prospect. It gives you the freedom to earn a living doing what you love and a successful business can also be highly profitable. Although there are advantages to being your own boss, starting your own business also has its fair share of challenges, says writer and business owner Jessica Thiefels. The key to starting a successful business is to plan, plan and then plan some more. So, before taking the plunge, you need start laying the groundwork firs...
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Can microlearning help your business with career development?

Businesses that provide opportunities for professional or career growth and prioritize leadership development not only attract and retain top talent, they also tend to outperform their competitors in other key metrics. Traditional learning and development programs involving courses, workshops and seminars aren't always relevant or effective however, and are often seen as an unnecessary waste of a working day. This is where microlearning comes in. This article explores the advantages of...
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4 things I learned from building a startup outside Silicon Valley

Northern California's Silicon Valley is synonymous with technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial culture. It's home to some of the world's biggest high-tech corporations and has the densest population of startups. With its vast talent pool, high concentration of investors and mentors, and supportive infrastructure, it was once considered the only place to build a tech startup. With the growth of successful startup hubs in other U.S. cities however, Silicon Valley isn't the only choice an...
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How to grow your business: Tried and true ways

Businesses can't afford to stand still in today's highly competitive marketplace. While there are sometimes good reasons for limiting the growth of a small business, becoming complacent about your current level of success could put your business at risk. As American industrialist William Knusden (1879-1948) is quoted as saying, "In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running; if you stand still, they will swallow you." To help your business thrive, small business expert Susan War...
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Just starting out? Avoid these 5 startup mistakes. You’re welcome

To start your own company you have to be prepared to take risks, learn fast and make sacrifices. Quitting a regular 9-to-5 job to be an entrepreneur means giving up the financial security of a steady paycheck and other employee benefits. And working long hours to build the business means waving goodbye to your work-life balance. With so much at stake, the last thing you'll want is to crash and burn because of mistakes made at the very start that you could've avoided. Here, seasoned entrepreneur,...
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Five unexpected career resolutions you should make in 2018

Although career advancement is a year-round process, the start of a new year often prompts us think about what we want to achieve during the year ahead. If getting a new job, a raise or a promotion is high on your New Year's resolutions list, an annual check up on the health of your career will help you identify where there's room for improvement and set some goals for the year ahead. When it comes to steering your career in a better direction, Gwen Moran suggests "ditching the typical to-dos an...
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This ancient habit will maximize your focus

The world around you has evolved much quicker than your brain has. Life's no longer about constantly having to avoid being eaten by predators or other immediate threats to your survival. Yet even in the absence of any real danger, your nervous system still triggers the acute stress response—commonly known as the fight-or-flight response—when you have a presentation, job interview, exam, or uncomfortable social situation to contend with. Being constantly fearful, worried and stressed diminishes y...
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Why your startup needs a board

One of the best investments a startup can make early on is the selection of a board. Some people incorrectly assume that a board is only created at the point when you get investors, but every business of any size can benefit of having a group of people who provide advice and help the company succeed. Recently, I participated in a ScaleUp Academy session organized by CEO World with Christoph Ortlepp from Earlybird Venture Capital . In this intimate real-time face-to-face, Ortlepp stressed the imp...
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