Why you should treat the tech you use at work like a colleague

5 product marketing tips to help your startup cross the chasm

To optimise the success of your product, you need to sell to the mainstream market—and the challenge facing any startup is crossing the chasm between early adopters to the mainstream majority. Each segment of the market has its own distinctive characteristics and you need to understand the differences between them so you can manage your product development and marketing strategies effectively to meet their needs. Here, Hugh McFall shares "some of the practical steps you can take to mak...
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The principles of early-stage product development

Consumers only think they want all the bells and whistles until they try using an overly complicated product. And technology products can quickly become overloaded with features when you start adding extra capabilities rather than focusing on real user need. "When it comes to product development, I've made more mistakes than I care to admit. I've over-complicated, over-built and over-promised — sometimes with disastrous results. But every failure pushed me one step closer to figuring out what wo...
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Loon's Internet-slinging balloons are headed to work over Kenya

A network of giant helium-filled balloons is going to deliver internet access to some of the most inaccessible areas of Kenya. Development of the balloon-mounted antenna system began seven years ago as Project Loon at Google's innovation lab. Now, having graduating to become a company in its own right, Loon is working with Telkom Kenya to deliver connectivity and improve opportunities for those living in rural areas. Here, Alex Davies looks at how the balloon network system works, the challenges...
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Startups invited to apply for AppsAfrica Innovation Awards

Applications are now welcome for the fourth annual AppsAfrica Innovation Awards. The awards are open to corporates, established ventures or startups that have launched tech services in at least one African market. The 2018 awards span 14 categories, including Disruptive Innovation, Health, Blockchain, Education, Fintech, Agritech, IoT, and Social Impact. Winners will gain industry recognition, global publicity and the opportunity to network with more than 300 industry peers at the awards celebra...
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London plans to be “world’s smartest city”

"As one of the world's leading technology hubs, we need to be bold and think big, to experiment and try things out that have not been done elsewhere," says Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. Speaking at the launch of the new Smarter London Together roadmap, Khan said he's calling for greater collaboration than ever between local authorities, public services, major universities and the tech community to implement more than 20 individual projects that make up the new digital masterplan for London. Harry ...
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My three decades at Disney taught me not to fear automation

The increasingly realistic humanoid robots that westerners view with a mix of fascination and fear are already widely accepted in Japan. And with researchers telling us that soon "robots will be writing best-selling novels, composing symphonies, and producing great works of art" and all human jobs will be automated in the next 120 years, there are many people who fear robots are starting to take over our lives. Yet robots, big data and artificial intelligence are no match for...
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Why tech’s favorite color is making us all miserable

Although some blue light exposure is beneficial to our health, excessive blue light exposure from computer screens and other devices can be damaging. "Thanks to the rapid growth of connected devices and digitized appliances, blue light is now flooding into our lives in places where we're most vulnerable," says Amber Case, a design advocate, speaker, and research fellow. Here, she explores why blue became technology's favorite color, the impact it has on our health and what designers an...
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Why London's tech community is thriving, despite Brexit

It seems gloomy predictions about the impact of Brexit aren't putting a dent in the positive mood of London's tech scene. According to Microsoft general manager David Mendlen, the city's "vibrant and engaged developer scene," with its "world-class educational support for startups and developers" and a "supportive local ecosystem and plenty of demand for developers" will ensure London continues to be "a tech powerhouse." Here, Mendlen explores how the growth of startup accelerators, dig...
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The future will be challenging for UK tech, but this is how the sector can succeed

London Tech Week, which drew to a close on 17th June, shone a spotlight on the strength and achievements of the UK tech industry. It also highlighted the enthusiasm and commitment of the UK's tech community to continue striving to reach new heights across a range of sectors, writes Russ Shaw. "The future is bright for entrepreneurs pioneering innovation in these rapidly emerging sectors and the UK will play a prominent role in developments," says Shaw. Here, he shares key takeaways from the...
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