6 tips to learn how to upsell and cross-sell

Acquiring new customers is a more expensive way to drive sales than selling more to your existing customers. And with upselling and cross selling, you're introducing customers to better or complementary products to the ones they're already interested in buying. Well-executed upselling and cross-selling techniques increase your average transaction value and boost overall revenue. They can also improve the customer experience by making sure your customer chooses the right product for them and they...
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7 creative ways to apply content & influencer marketing to enterprise AI

With so much misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, legitimate AI companies can struggle to get their message across. While creative marketers are exploring unconventional ways to showcase AI applications, they also need to reduce costs and save time by discovering as early as possible the methods that will deliver the results they seek, writes Mariya Yao. "In the ever-shifting AI solutions ecosystem, even expert-led and well-thought ou...
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15 productivity hacks successful CEOs and founders use to get more done

It's hard to achieve your desired goals when they involve making significant changes in behaviour, and if you want to boost your productivity you need to change the behaviors that are holding you back. Although there's no single strategy that works for everyone, there are some very effective tools and techniques that can help you identify your priorities, improve your focus and maintain your productivity. From making Parkinson's Law work to your advantage, to using Francesco Cirillo's Pomodoro t...
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