Why your startup needs an employee handbook

An employee handbook is vital to the success of your startup. But, perhaps you're wondering why your startup needs an employee handbook and when it's appropriate to create one. Two of the simplest reasons you need one are for the creation of processes and policies and to facilitate benefits administration. Let's look at these reasons as well as a few others, but first, let's discuss when you need one.   When do you need a handbook? While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, it's the best pr...
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The costs of a bad hire

Have you ever asked yourself what it costs to hire an employee who doesn't turn out to be right for your business? The U.S. Department of Labor says it costs you at least 30% of your employee's first-year earnings if they're a bad hire. For many startups, losing five figures because you hired the wrong person may mean the difference between success and failure. Let's take a look at the costs of a bad hire, so you can avoid the devastating consequences to your startup.   Initial hiring costs...
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Why I overestimate my contribution to my team

While we may be acutely aware of our own contributions to a team effort, we're often less aware of the contributions made by other members of the team. As a result, we may take more responsibility for the team's success—or failure—than our individual contribution merits. "Every person in a team overestimates his or her contributions to the team," writes venture capitalist Tomasz Tunguz. And this overestimation bias can be a significant factor in team dysfunction. In a recent blog post, Tunguz ex...
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8 tips to improve team collaboration

Most leaders consider high-performing teams to be essential for the success of the business. Effective teamwork brings together individual employees with different yet complementary skills, ideas, and experience to collaborate on a shared goal. While it takes effort and commitment to build successful teams, the business will benefit from improved performance and increased productivity. When a team is impacted by too many negative characteristics—when there's more going wrong than right...
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5 proven strategies to help you succeed leading a team of freelancers

With the internet rapidly taking over the way we do business, a lot is changing. Some people view the digitization of work as a bad thing, but really people will be the winners . One of the reasons for this is that it brings people together. Physical location no longer determines who can work for who. Employers can search out the best of the best and hire them for whatever tasks they need. Working with freelancers also saves you money. You only ever pay for the work that is actually completed. B...
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What you can realistically do when you work on a dysfunctional team

Effective teamwork leads to better decisions, higher levels of engagement and increased creativity, productivity and innovation. When differences between team members interfere with their ability to work together towards a common goal, the team becomes dysfunctional. And apart from ongoing conflict damaging the team's performance, the resulting negativity can also build to a toxic level that starts to affect your overall happiness and well being. Here, Melody Wilding shares some top ti...
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Why conflict can actually be a good thing

Conflict doesn't have to be destructive; it can also be constructive. As a negative force that creates friction and hostility in the workplace, conflict can damage performance and productivity. Yet healthy conflict can be productive and is often essential for boosting creativity and stimulating growth. Whether conflict produces a negative or positive outcome depends on how you choose to approach it. For a positive approach that helps your organization thrive in "today's complex and volatile busi...
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How organizational awareness leads to success

As a key ingredient of emotional intelligence, organizational awareness is one of the most important leadership skills for success. It requires a nuanced understanding of how to handle relationships at all levels within the business and is essential for effective change management, relationship management, team building, communication, and company culture. Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman, whose work explores the implications of emotional intelligence in the corporate world and its relatio...
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5 ways leaders can build team spirit

One of the greatest business lessons to be learned from legendary basketball coach John Wooden is the importance of how leaders treat the people around them. Coach Wooden didn’t just want ‘great players’ on his team—he wanted players who would make the team ‘great’. This is what team spirit is all about and it’s the leader’s responsibility to build it. Here, Craig Impelman shares five top tips for developing team spirit based on Coach Wooden’s philosophy. [ Read the full article on success.com ]

The underrated career lesson I learned after I crashed and burned at work

Taking a genuine interest in your colleagues and making an effort to build strong relationships is crucial for your success. By getting to know your co-workers properly, you’re more likely to gain their respect, trust and support. “The more effort and genuine care you put into building strong work relationships, the more successful you’ll be,” says Loren Margolis who shares how she learned this valuable lesson the hard way and the steps she took to correct her mistake. [ Read the full article on...
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