5 ways startups can attract great talent in a competitive market

As the owner of a startup, you understand that money is often a challenge when it comes to hiring. This makes it extra hard to compete for the best talent, especially when the economy is hot, and the jobless rate is low. So, the question is out there, "How do you hire a top-notch team when you are competing against the big guys?" Take a look at these five ways startups can attract great talent in a competitive market. #1: Create an employer brand You are probably well-versed in how to create a b...
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6 things smart leaders do when hiring people smarter than they are

Talent acquisition is an important aspect of your role as a leader. A company is only as good as its people and for the business to succeed, you have to attract, hire and retain successful employees. If you get your hiring process right, you'll have the best team to drive the growth of the business. "And if you get it wrong, it is literally the difference between success and failure," writes founder, CEO and author Alexa von Tobel. Finding and hiring talent is a skill you have to develop, s...
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