7 creative ways to apply content & influencer marketing to enterprise AI

With so much misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, legitimate AI companies can struggle to get their message across. While creative marketers are exploring unconventional ways to showcase AI applications, they also need to reduce costs and save time by discovering as early as possible the methods that will deliver the results they seek, writes Mariya Yao. "In the ever-shifting AI solutions ecosystem, even expert-led and well-thought ou...
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The 3 stages of failure in life and work (and how to fix them)

Persistence and perseverance can help you achieve success, yet so can knowing when to quit. Generally speaking we're hardwired to persevere thanks to the evolutionary imperative to survive and, faced with a failing business venture, career, or relationship, you may find it more difficult to let go. "Sometimes you need to display unwavering confidence and double down on your efforts. Sometimes you need to abandon the things that aren't working and try something new," writes James Clear. To help y...
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Try this simple trick to beat your public speaking anxiety

 While public speaking may be your number one fear, being able to give compelling speeches or presentations may also be crucial for your business or career success. Even if your career doesn't involve giving presentations, there may be occasions when you're called on to give a speech. Although there are lots of tips, tricks and tactics for mitigating anxiety, you'll see why they aren't always helpful—and can even be counterproductive—when you understand what's really making you anxious abou...
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