5 product marketing tips to help your startup cross the chasm

To optimise the success of your product, you need to sell to the mainstream market—and the challenge facing any startup is crossing the chasm between early adopters to the mainstream majority. Each segment of the market has its own distinctive characteristics and you need to understand the differences between them so you can manage your product development and marketing strategies effectively to meet their needs. Here, Hugh McFall shares "some of the practical steps you can take to mak...
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Building the right network for your business

Building a network is one of the most important things you can do to help your business thrive—and building the right network is crucial. Although networking events provide opportunities to meet people who can support you and your business in some way, it takes time and patience to cultivate authentic relationships. Here, founder and CEO Isa Watson shares her top tips for successful networking, including how segmenting your relationships and knowing how to prioritize them will help you buil...
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The perfect pitch: A Pixar storyteller’s secret

Whether it's spoken, written, visual, or a multimedia presentation, storytelling remains one of the most compelling ways to share knowledge and information. A well-crafted story engages your audience and takes them on a memorable journey that leaves them feeling inspired and motivated. And by weaving essential facts and figures into a story you make them much easier to remember, says writer, story-branding consultant and keynote speaker, Matthew Luhn. Here, he share...
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The 2-day goal setting process that will make 2019 your best year yet

While many business leaders prefer to set aside time towards the end of the year to plan for the next, it's not too late to put together your annual plan for 2019. What's important isn't when you do your planning; it's how you do it that matters, says business coach Bruce Eckfeldt. It's important to remember that annual strategic planning is a decision making process that's less about setting numerical targets and more about "making tough but important choices," says Eckfeldt. Her...
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Does your business have a strategic plan?

Growing a business without a strategic plan is like driving without a map. By developing a strategic plan, you set the direction of the business and create a detailed roadmap based on long-term goals and the steps you'll take to achieve them. And by implementing it, you can focus on the main priorities for the business, monitor your progress against specific objectives, and ensure the business continues heading towards its ultimate goals whenever you need to adjust course. Although strategic pla...
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Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile: What is the difference?

Methodologies such as design thinking, lean startup, and agile development help startups reduce the risk of failure due to a lack of product-market fit. Yet founders often use these terms almost interchangeably and make the mistake of using only one of them instead of combining all three to create an effective innovation process. Here, Nicolò Mantini explores the differences between these three methodologies, how they complement each other, and how they work together to help startups a...
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Why every product you make should pass this 5-question test

To be successful as an entrepreneur you need to add value to the lives of your customers, whether it's through the products or services you create or the way in which you deliver them. Yet the same products that provide the convenience and ease of use that we seek as consumers can also be detrimental to our health and wellbeing. "What's true of snack foods is also true of the technologies we use," writes Thomas Goetz, and "it's the responsibility of every entrepreneur to consider the impact of t...
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Strategic planning: prepare, create, & deploy your strategy

Strategic planning is an essential process for determining where your company is going and the best way to get there, yet nine out of 10 organizations fail to execute their strategies. A strategic plan is a detailed roadmap the business will follow for the next few years. It includes an action with specific activities and due dates and sets out who is responsible for what. To help yours be among the "10% of businesses that actually make their strategic plan stick," strategy expert Ted Jackson sh...
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How to write a great value proposition [Infographic]

Your value proposition is an essential component in your overall marketing messaging. It doesn't just tell potential customers how they'll benefit from your products or services. It explains how you're solving their problem or improving their situation in a way your competitors can't. It describes the unique value you offer your customers that they won't get elsewhere. And it can make all the difference between losing the sale and closing it. Here, Lindsey Kolowich shares some top tips for ...
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12 storytelling techniques to supercharge your pitch

Storytelling is a powerful tool for creating an emotional connection with your audience—and that emotional connection can be crucial to securing funding for your startup. A well-crafted investor pitch needs to hook your audience from the very beginning—and hold their interest until the very end—with a compelling and authentic narrative that generates enthusiasm for your product, your company and your brand. "Facts tell but stories sell," says David Bailey, who shares here the storytelling techni...
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