Keep it simple, stupid

Understanding the importance of simplicity is critical to your success. Despite the perception that complexity is synonymous with sophistication, in reality it's more likely to be synonymous with increased costs and a higher failure rate. Simplifying something doesn't make it any less important or impressive but it does improve efficiency, performance and productivity. "Simplicity is a great way to build something that works well without costing too much," writes Virgin Group founder R...
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Hooked on simplicity

Growing up, my parents successfully got both my brother and I into the habit of helping out with the housework every week, decluttering our rooms every quarter, and giving away things we didn’t need anymore to charity at the end of each calendar year.At the time, I didn’t really see the point of all of this and preferred to spend my time doing something more rewarding, which primarily comprised of progressing to the next levels of the video games we owned and plonking ourselves in front of the T...
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