Digitalization: the path to employee engagement

The Robots are Here: Good news – for employees While robots which vacuum the carpet, mow the lawn or deliver lunch are cute time savers, their possible entry into the workplace can be scary. Employees who have spent years performing a routine task can be threatened by the idea of technology taking over their job. People in customer facing roles (cashiers, bank tellers, check-in agents) may argue that use of self service or remote interfaces 'dehumanizes' the company. Business leaders today know ...
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My three decades at Disney taught me not to fear automation

The increasingly realistic humanoid robots that westerners view with a mix of fascination and fear are already widely accepted in Japan. And with researchers telling us that soon "robots will be writing best-selling novels, composing symphonies, and producing great works of art" and all human jobs will be automated in the next 120 years, there are many people who fear robots are starting to take over our lives. Yet robots, big data and artificial intelligence are no match for...
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Young engineers crowned UK's FIRST LEGO League champions

Seven young engineers have been crowned champions in the largest ever UK and Ireland FIRST LEGO League competition, run in partnership with the Institution for Engineering and Technology (IET). The winning team of 14 to 16 year old students from southwest Scotland is now eligible to compete in next month's final in Detroit, alongside 12 other qualifying teams from around the world. More than 250,000 young people are taking part in the annual competition, which aims to encourage "young peopl...
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Are your skills future ready?

Recent studies indicate that 20-35% of today's jobs will be eliminated by automation within the next 3-5 years. To determine your relevance in the future, consider: ​ Are the daily or weekly tasks in your job repetitive and predictable? How do you make decisions – based on analysis of historical patterns or through consideration of many factors requiring judgement and human intuition? What is your role in delivering a positive customer experience? How successful are you in empowering and inspiri...
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What digital can’t do: be human

Today's digital world gives access to a broad range of services and products all through a simple command to a smartphone, watch or appliance. In addition, for businesses, digital technologies also streamline operations, increase the productivity of global resources and increase profitability. The downside of digital transformation is often employment uncertainty. Studies by Forrester, MIT and others show that 20-35% of today's jobs will be eliminated by automation and technological innovation w...
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Britbots launches second British Robotics Seed Fund for innovative UK start-ups

Innovative and disruptive robotics startups in the UK can now apply for the second British Robotics Seed Fund. The fund—managed by Britbots in partnership with Sapphire Capital Partners LLP—invests in up to 12 robotics and AI start-ups each year across a broad range of sectors and has already invested in six start-ups at seed stage last year. As the only specialist UK investment vehicle to provide financial backing and strategic support for early stage robotics companies, the fund offers unique ...
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Investment readiness programme to boost robotics and AI innovators

Robotics and artificial intelligence (RAI) companies in the UK are invited to apply for a place on the Pitchfest investment readiness programme that starts in January 2018. Pitchfest offers intensive training and practice to help RAI businesses prepare and deliver a compelling pitch to potential investors and business partners. Only 15 places are available in this first cohort and participants must attend the training days on 16th and 17th January in Sheffield, followed by Pitch Practice on 1st ...
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The robots are coming: Good news for employees

While using augmented reality games or tools such as Alexia can be cool, robotics, AI and VR in the workplace are scary for many people. For business leaders chartered with digitalization, this creates a dilemma as successful technology adoption requires full engagement and support of staff members. Faced with change, employees need to first understand this CAN be good news. Digital tools can make it easier to complete projects and provide opportunities to learn – leading to higher salary and gr...
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A government-backed £68m robotics and AI fund has just launched

The UK government-backed Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) is pumping £68m into robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) projects supporting clean, renewable energy generation. Together with industry support, some of the funding is going to create four new research hubs managed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The remaining funds are being distributed among projects being developed in partnership with several UK universities. As Shane Donnelly reports, the aim ...
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A new equity crowdfunding platform for UK robotics start-ups has launched

Tech startups in the UK can now raise finance through an equity crowdfunding platform aimed specifically at robotics development. Through Britbots CROWD, private investors can invest a minimum of £200 and they may qualify for tax incentives under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Britbots, the company behind Britbots CROWD, specialises in funding start-ups through the British Robotics Seed Fund, while helping them with their marketing a...
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