These are the 4 reasons you suck at public speaking (and how to fix them)

Although public speaking doesn't come naturally to everyone, it doesn't have to be the nerve-wracking experience many people consider it to be. With practise you can learn to become a confident public speaker with an engaging presentation style. And the more speeches or presentations you deliver, the more opportunities you'll have to hone your public speaking skills. Whether it's a keynote speech at a conference, or a presentation at your next team meeting, Lisa Evans shares here some top t...
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Afraid of public speaking? 7 tips to do it well

Although public speaking is one of the most important skills to develop, many people are so afraid of giving a speech or presentation they'll avoid it altogether rather than learning to master it. Fear is a natural response to danger that prepares us to either confront or avoid a threat to our safety. Yet the fear of rejection, ridicule or humiliation can trigger the same response with symptoms that range from mild discomfort to intense anxiety. To help you overcome your fears and...
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6 takeaways from Tim Cook’s Apple keynote that will make you a better presenter

Many people feel anxious about speaking in public, yet being able to connect with an audience and get your message across effectively is an essential skill for leaders at any level. Public speaking is a learnable skill. And one of the best ways to become a more confident and engaging public speaker is to be a keen observer and learn from other people's talks, says Darren Menabney. With that in mind, he refers to Tim Cook's recent Apple keynote to share some top tips for delivering impactful pres...
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How to stop saying “um,” “ah,” and “you know”

Although filler words can buy you some time while you think about what to say next, a speech that's liberally peppered with them distracts your audience and diminishes your credibility. According to research, the optimum frequency is one filler word per minute, yet the average speaker uses one every 12 seconds, writes Noah Zandan. Here, he shares why we fall back into the habit of using filler words, how they influence the way we're perceived and impact audience engagement, and the steps we can ...
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How to identify and tell your most powerful stories

Graduation and commencement speeches often provide the best examples of what makes a powerful, inspirational speech that moves the audience. Introducing personal stories into speeches gets listeners on side and keeps them engaged. Yet, while they love hearing such speeches, few executives are comfortable delivering them, says Nancy Duarte. To help you connect with your audience by telling powerful stories, Duarte shares here some of the techniques her company uses to help "executives craft talks...
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Ultimate guide to persuasive speech (hook and influence any audience)

Public speaking is one of the most important skills to have in business and in life. It allows you to connect with others, influence decisions and motivate change. Many people dread having to make speeches or give presentations yet the more you practise the more you'll improve your communication skills, leadership skills, and confidence. Apart from enhancing your personal brand and helping to advance your career, for those who excel at it, public speaking can become a lucrative career in it...
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How public speaking helps perfect your pitch

Try this simple trick to beat your public speaking anxiety

 While public speaking may be your number one fear, being able to give compelling speeches or presentations may also be crucial for your business or career success. Even if your career doesn't involve giving presentations, there may be occasions when you're called on to give a speech. Although there are lots of tips, tricks and tactics for mitigating anxiety, you'll see why they aren't always helpful—and can even be counterproductive—when you understand what's really making you anxious abou...
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Here’s how to avoid drawing a blank in the middle of your presentation

Public speaking is a vital personal and professional skill. Delivering a presentation helps you get your message to a lot of people at once and gives you an opportunity to create a positive impression of you, your project, or your organisation. Although many of us feel nervous before addressing an audience, the biggest fear for some people is having their mind go blank mid-speech. To help you develop fluency and present your information with ease and confidence, expert Annett Grant shares here f...
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15 credibility-killing phrases to banish from your vocabulary

Most of us occasionally use filler sounds or words, empty phrases and unnecessary statements to give us more thinking time. In an informal situation, this may not be important. In business however, using them too often can weaken your effectiveness as a speaker. When you're delivering a presentation, pitching to clients or investors, being interviewed, or selling to a customer, you need to speak clearly and fluently. Your audience may think excessive  use of redundant words or phrases indic...
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