8 of the best professional bio examples we've ever seen [+ bio templates]

Your professional bio is a crucial part of your personal brand and possibly the most important marketing copy you'll ever write. Marketing yourself effectively as a professional is as much about who you are as a person as it is about your career, skills and achievements. And communicating a strong personal brand not only benefits your career; it also benefits your company's brand image. Here, Lindsey Kolowich shares some top tips for writing relevant, relatable and engaging professional bio cont...
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This is the easiest way to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Your brand reflects your personal values and professional reputation and presents an image of the expertise, performance and value you offer potential clients, business partners or employers. And as a platform for growing your professional network and building business relationships, your LinkedIn profile determines how those you want to connect with will perceive your brand. When it comes to creating and communicating a strong brand that defines your niche in the market, there's one important o...
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How to make networking less painful

Most entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals agree that networking is the best way to cultivate business relationships. For those who thrive on attending networking events, they can be an incredibly productive way to gain new clients, find new employees, create strategic partnerships, and make lasting friendships. For those who dread them, networking events can make feel awkward and uncomfortable. And while it can be especially challenging for introverts, even the most extroverted peopl...
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