How to achieve product-market fit

You know you have product/market fit when customers don't just want a solution to their problem—they want your solution. And they consider your product or service a "must have." Startups need to achieve a high degree of product/market fit or die trying. And most of them will die trying as they run out of cash before they're able to gain enough traction. Here, Hayley Leibson shares a six-step process to product development that "will lead to more efficient use of resources and a high degree of co...
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The principles of early-stage product development

Consumers only think they want all the bells and whistles until they try using an overly complicated product. And technology products can quickly become overloaded with features when you start adding extra capabilities rather than focusing on real user need. "When it comes to product development, I've made more mistakes than I care to admit. I've over-complicated, over-built and over-promised — sometimes with disastrous results. But every failure pushed me one step closer to figuring out what wo...
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