3 cognitive design principles to create effective presentations

Following cues from cognitive psychology helps designers create products that are easy for people to understand and use—and you can incorporate the same elements of cognitive design into your presentations to maximise their impact on your audience. While we all have different personalities, preferences and motivations, there are some general principles of cognitive psychology that most people respond to and applying them to your next presentation will help you deliver a more "persuasive, interes...
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How to stop saying “um,” “ah,” and “you know”

Although filler words can buy you some time while you think about what to say next, a speech that's liberally peppered with them distracts your audience and diminishes your credibility. According to research, the optimum frequency is one filler word per minute, yet the average speaker uses one every 12 seconds, writes Noah Zandan. Here, he shares why we fall back into the habit of using filler words, how they influence the way we're perceived and impact audience engagement, and the steps we can ...
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How to deliver your presentation in half the time you’d allotted

 Even the best-laid plans can go awry and giving a presentation can be nerve-wracking enough without last minute changes to the schedule. So what can you do when you've rehearsed your finely tuned presentation to make sure you won't overrun, only to find out on the day that you now have only half the time originally allocated to you? Rushing your speech to cram in as much as possible is never an effective solution, says the founder and CEO of Executive Speaking Inc., Anett Grant. ...
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