Can this four-minute brain hack turn you into an optimist?

While the human brain's negativity bias may be programmed into our DNA, how we respond to it is learned through experience, which means we can also learn to overcome it. While some people's actions are guided more by wanting to achieve a positive outcome, such as getting a good grade on an assignment, reaching a goal or mastering a skill—other people are motivated more by wanting to avoid the opposite, negative outcome of poor grades or failure. The former "approach motivation" is linked to posi...
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This is the process I follow to stop negative thoughts from occupying my mind

Negative thoughts can quickly escalate making them difficult to control. According to research the more you allow negative thoughts to occupy your mind without interruption, the more interconnected they become, says Ryan Engelstad. And yet you probably have subtle warning signs to alert you that negative thoughts are starting to build up. Being aware of the warning signs gives you a chance to take action to manage your thoughts and behaviors more effectively, says Engelstad. Here, he shares some...
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9 ways to say no to negativity

Our brains' negativity bias means we have an in-built tendency to focus more on negative things, such as unpleasant thoughts or experiences, than on positive things. While it's important to tilt the scales towards more positive thinking, simply reciting positive affirmations to counteract negative thinking may not be effective. It can even be counterproductive for some people. "Before you can implement positivity strategies…you have to start by decreasing negativity," Writes Patty Onderko. She s...
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