Negative thoughts are your greatest enemies

The importance of confidence

How to reduce stress

Build productivity cycles for effortless creative productivity

When it comes to being productive, most people think about how to use their time more effectively. When you manage your energy better however, you can reduce how much time you spend on certain tasks and increase your output. In this article, David Kadavy explores how you can use productivity cycles to bring structure to your work, save mental energy, and end procrastination—even in creative work. He also shares some of the productivity cycles he follows, the factors to consider when cr...
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8 times you should put down the phone and communicate in person

Email, texts, instant messaging and group chats are changing the way we communicate at work and being able to communicate instantly doesn't always mean we're communicating effectively. We're getting used to communicating through short, concise messages and this often leads to miscommunications, incorrect assumptions and misunderstandings. In this article, Deborah Goldstein shares some top tips from members of Forbes Coaches Council on recognizing when communicating in person is a better option t...
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Boost your emotional intelligence with these 3 questions

A high level of emotional intelligence is a strong indicator of success in business and in life. Although it's often referred to as EQ, you can't measure emotional intelligence as a single number the way you can with IQ. There are several components to emotional intelligence and each of them involves a number of individual skills that you can develop. Here, psychologist Daniel Goleman—who popularized the concept of emotional intelligence—and leadership development coach Michele Nevarez share how...
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8 ways to improve your focus

In a world of endless distractions and interruptions, we need more than an iron will to keep our attention on the task at hand and maintain our productivity. We need focus. Focus allows us to start, work on, and complete a task without our minds constantly wandering off somewhere else. So how do we keep our minds focused to sustain the effort and energy needed to achieve our goals? In this article, Stephanie Vozza shares the expert tips and tricks that set your brain and environment up for ...
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12 stress relief activities for any situation

We all experience stress in our lives. Between a busy work schedule, family, exercise, and having a social life, it can sometimes be overwhelming to manage it all! Thankfully, there are actionable steps you can take to practice self-care and make your wellbeing a priority. Believe it or not, you can use stress to your advantage, to motivate and improve yourself all around. Whether you're at home, at work, or getting some fresh air, there are relaxation techniques great for any situation. Practic...
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How to get the help you need

In any culture that strongly encourages self-reliance, the toughest barrier to asking for help is our fear that it might seen as a sign of weakness or failure and—especially in the workplace—that it makes us look incompetent. We all have moments when we need other people's help to acquire new skills, overcome challenges, and achieve our goals. And sometimes it's the way we ask for help that makes people less inclined to give it, says social psychologist Heidi Grant. Here, she shares how to "lear...
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The best ways to beat procrastination

We all procrastinate occasionally and there's usually no harm in delaying a task we find daunting or unpleasant by doing something easier or more enjoyable first. When you're affected by negative consequences however—such as missing important deadlines or constantly feeling anxious and overburdened—then you need to take action. It's important to understand that procrastinating doesn't mean you're inherently lazy. Procrastination is a habit that often develops out of a fear of failure or rejectio...
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