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How I became a podcaster

​Hosting my own podcast wasn't even on my radar until I received a call from Randy Cantrell. Keep in mind that I didn't know Randy from Adam, and he didn't know me either. He had read the Power of Peers , liked the book, and is a huge fan of peer groups for business leaders. I had a lot going on at the time, so it actually took me awhile to engage in any kind of real dialogue with him. I'm so happy I finally did. After a few conversations and an impressive video he put together for me, explainin...
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5 Conditions for #ShapingtheOdds With Your Peer Group

​ Last time, I offered a framework, or a reinforcing loop if you will, that illustrated how peer groups for entrepreneurs work so well . This week, I'd like to share the five conditions, that are necessary for a group to drive the reinforcing loop I introduced in that post. Turns out, you can't just throw a bunch of people in a room, cross your fingers, and trust that group members will spontaneously engage in the process of learning, sharing, applying and achieving . Because of this, we need to...
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