Building the right network for your business

Building a network is one of the most important things you can do to help your business thrive—and building the right network is crucial. Although networking events provide opportunities to meet people who can support you and your business in some way, it takes time and patience to cultivate authentic relationships. Here, founder and CEO Isa Watson shares her top tips for successful networking, including how segmenting your relationships and knowing how to prioritize them will help you buil...
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How to build (and maintain) an effective LinkedIn network

A strong business network helps you thrive as an entrepreneur and helps your company prosper. And given how easy it is to connect with people through online networking, it's more important than ever to focus on establishing genuine connections and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships. As the leading platform for professional and business networking, LinkedIn not only helps you create and nurture online relationships it can also help you build better face-to-face relationships. Here, Lizab...
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Why you're probably networking all wrong (and what to do instead)

Connecting and networking with other entrepreneurs allows you to build mutually beneficial relationships and create opportunities for you to learn from and support each other in numerous ways. Yet when you're juggling the many demands of starting and running a business, finding time for networking can be a challenge. And if you think you're too busy, it's very likely the people you want to connect with are also busy. Here, Dakota Shane shares some top tips for building lasting relationships...
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Networking — the best investment of your life

Networking is a particularly daunting prospect for introverts, who cringe at the thought of walking up to complete strangers and making small talk. Yet, although it may have gained a dubious reputation for being a self-serving business activity, networking isn't about attending events to swap business cards in the hope of landing a new job or getting more clients. It's about developing genuine, mutually beneficial relationships—and genuine relationships are the...
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Westerwelle Young Founders Programme – Autumn 2018: Apply Now

The Berlin-based Westerwelle Foundation for International Understanding is calling for young entrepreneurs from developing and emerging economies to apply for a place on the Westerwelle Young Founders Programme 2018. The fully funded 12-month programme is offering 25 "exceptional entrepreneurs" regular online mentorship and a chance to meet each other and connect with the German startup scene during the annual conference in Berlin 16 – 20 October 2018. They'll also have opportunities to meet suc...
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Go ahead, skip that networking event

Networking provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. And the more diverse your network, the more opportunities you'll have. Yet despite the advice to attend as many relevant networking events as possible, many of us still avoid them. And it isn't just the introverts among us who find them uncomfortable. Most of us default to our comfort zone and fail to maximise our time at these events, says David Burkus. Here, he shares why networking events are doomed to failure "by their v...
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5 misconceptions about networking

The biggest obstacle to building and using networks more effectively isn't lack of skill, says organisational behaviour professor Herminia Ibarra, it's your mindset. Networking provides valuable opportunities for connecting with a wide range of people to exchange information, ideas and support, making it one of the most important resources for business, career, professional and personal growth. And it's your attitude towards—and beliefs about—networking that determine how muc...
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GhanaThink presents free networking event—Barcamp Koforidua—on 26th May

Barcamp Koforidua is bringing together "changemakers, doers, and entrepreneurs" in a user-generated conference "for a day of learning, sharing, networking and mentoring" to help start new ventures and support ongoing enterprises. The event is part of the GhanaThink Foundation's Barcamp Ghana program, which is helping to build "a network of young, positive-minded, innovative and entrepreneurial Ghanaians." The theme for Barcamp Koforidua is Building Successful, Responsible Brands that Create Impa...
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How to make networking less painful

Most entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals agree that networking is the best way to cultivate business relationships. For those who thrive on attending networking events, they can be an incredibly productive way to gain new clients, find new employees, create strategic partnerships, and make lasting friendships. For those who dread them, networking events can make feel awkward and uncomfortable. And while it can be especially challenging for introverts, even the most extroverted peopl...
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How to get your first 100,000 followers on LinkedIn

Since its early days as an online resume and job-listing site, LinkedIn has evolved to become an essential personal branding tool. As the world's largest professional network, being active on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to reach a global audience, publish your ideas, advertise your skills, and build your credibility as a professional. Glenn Leibowitz starting publishing his first articles when LinkedIn extended its blogging platform from a few influencers to the wider membership four years ...
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