Marketing automation tips for small business

Effective use of marketing automation can help you boost your bottom line by eliminating time-consuming routine tasks, giving you more time to focus on higher-level strategies. With so many marketing automation tools available however, "it's very easy to 'overbuy' software." To avoid adding unnecessary complexity and expenditure to your marketing effort, you "want software that does the job it needs to do at a cost you can afford," writes Brian Edmondson. Here, he shares an overview of what mark...
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How marketers can avoid getting duped by ‘faux AI’ vendors

Artificial intelligence (AI) has huge potential for marketers yet there's a lot of confusion about what it can and can't do. Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, is already used in marketing automation platforms to improve efficiency and personalization and it's becoming an increasingly sophisticated tool for social media listening and lead nurturing. However, it's important for marketers to understand how ML works to avoid being duped by false claims about its capabilities, writes Jake Bennet...
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How marketing automation can make your business smarter (and richer)

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, effective marketing is essential to keep your business moving forward. Yet handling all the routine marketing-related tasks yourself is time consuming and leaves you with little time to focus on other aspects of running and growing the business. Although you may want to consider delegating, using automation tools to execute repetitive tasks is more cost-effective than hiring someone to do them for you. Here Brenda Stoltz shares how incorporat...
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