Most important principle for great leadership


How self-reflection can help leaders stay motivated

While taking on a leadership position can enhance your reputation and future employment opportunities, the additional duties and responsibilities can be exhausting. Researchers found that managing their own performance, the performance of their team, and the added burden of helping employees cope with emotional issues is so demanding it leaves the majority of leaders feeling "depleted and unengaged." Here, Klodiana Lanaj, Trevor A. Faulk and Amir Erez, share the self-reflection exercise they des...
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What makes (and breaks) a great company culture?

There's nothing better than working at an organization with a great culture. Yet, although most people recognize it when they see it, defining and building a great company culture remains an elusive ideal for many businesses. "Company culture can have more of a concrete impact on the success of your business than you may imagine," says Australian entrepreneur Darren Chait. Here, he explores what "determines the health of your company culture," how it impacts every aspect of your business and how...
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8 times you should put down the phone and communicate in person

Email, texts, instant messaging and group chats are changing the way we communicate at work and being able to communicate instantly doesn't always mean we're communicating effectively. We're getting used to communicating through short, concise messages and this often leads to miscommunications, incorrect assumptions and misunderstandings. In this article, Deborah Goldstein shares some top tips from members of Forbes Coaches Council on recognizing when communicating in person is a better option t...
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9 ways your company can encourage innovation

Innovation is what sets your company apart from the competition, stimulates growth and keeps your business moving forward. It's the process of taking fresh ideas and converting them into new products, processes, or strategies. And finding new ways of doing things—whether it's product design or methods of management—requires creative thinking and problem solving. Here, Igor Makarov shares how, with the right management approach and support, you can overcome resistance to change, stimulate cr...
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Train your employees to have difficult conversations

Y Combinator Startup School: every company that applied is now accepted

Instead of the 3,000 participants it was aiming for, startup accelerator Y Combinator has more than 15,000 startups enrolled in its Startup School due to a glitch. The acceptance email sent to successful applicants was accidentally sent to every company that applied. Having notified unsuccessful applicants of the mistake and withdrawn their invitation, Y Combinator then decided instead "to use this error as an opportunity" and is now allowing all applicants to participate in the free program of ...
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What to do when you realize you made a bad hire

Finding, evaluating and onboarding new talent can be time-consuming and expensive, yet you don't want to cut corners because you know how important it is for the success of the business. Getting it right enhances the company culture and provides a good return on your investment in the hiring process; getting it wrong ends up costing the company much more in the long term. While it isn't easy to admit you've made a significant mistake in hiring someone who's a poor fit, you need to act decisively...
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How to tell your team that organizational change is coming

Change is inevitable for any organization to thrive and one of the biggest challenges in managing change is overcoming resistance from employees. Organizational change can take many forms, from changes to existing processes or systems to major restructuring or cultural change following a merger or acquisition. Whatever the reason for change, fear, uncertainty and doubt can make the process more difficult. Here, Liz Kislik shares her top tips for helping your employees to understand, accept and a...
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4 steps to becoming a great team leader, from a top-rated CEO

Your most important job as a leader is to help your team accomplish their goals by letting your actions set the tone for your employees and inspiring them to do their best work rather than telling them what to do. It's not enough to talk the talk. You also have to show that you can walk the walk. Robert Glazer has been ranked the No. 2 CEO in the United States in the small and medium business category based on employee feedback. Here, he shares the four areas to focus on to become a leader "whos...
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