4 tips for startups looking to improve their interview process

As a startup owner, you wear many hats, and so do your employees. One of those many hats may be that of a hiring team and interviewers. Hiring is often a task that everyone must assist with on top of everything that's on their plate. To help you have the most effective recruitment and hiring process possible, check out these four tips for startups looking to improve their interview process.   #1: Prepare for the interview Many startups overlook this important first step. It's easy to do, es...
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This former Netflix HR exec’s culture-focused interview questions

  A lot goes into building a strong work culture and it all starts at the hiring stage, says Greg Silva. As VP of people and culture at a Canadian tech company, and previously an HR executive at Netflix, the questions Silva asks interviewees about their motivation, entrepreneurial thinking, and teamwork help him hire "team members who'll help build a supportive, healthy, high-performing culture." To help you gauge how well an individual might fit into your organization, particularly during ...
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