Influencer marketing myths revealed

Brands to increase spend on influencer marketing despite fraud concerns

Concerns about the lack of transparency and potential for fraud isn't putting brands off increasing their spend on influencer marketing. Although influencer marketing is as popular as ever, brands are cracking down on certain practices since issues have been raised over some influencers having fake or paid followers, while others have been caught using fake content. Here, James Lawley shares key findings from new research, which reveals increasing investment in influencer marketing, and the...
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Here’s why your influencer marketing campaign isn’t getting you the ROI you expected

Influencer marketing is a key strategy for many brands and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Leveraging the popularity of someone with a strong reputation and large social media following to endorse your brand can help you reach a more precisely targeted audience and boost your bottom line. As with any other marketing strategy however, you need to ensure you make the right choices to get best possible return on your investment (ROI). Here, Lilach Bullock shares how to correct some commo...
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Want to try influencer marketing? Be careful

Social media influencers can be powerful brand advocates and tapping into the thousands, or even millions, of followers they have on various social media channels is a highly effective way to target an engaged audience. Although it's the fastest growing and one of the most successful marketing strategies, it also has its problems. In this article, Kate Harrison shares some top tips from influencer marketing expert Richard Wong to help you mitigate the risks, reap th...
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7 creative ways to apply content & influencer marketing to enterprise AI

With so much misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, legitimate AI companies can struggle to get their message across. While creative marketers are exploring unconventional ways to showcase AI applications, they also need to reduce costs and save time by discovering as early as possible the methods that will deliver the results they seek, writes Mariya Yao. "In the ever-shifting AI solutions ecosystem, even expert-led and well-thought ou...
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Why influencer marketing can be just what your startup needs

According to Marketing Schools , influencer marketing is when you market your products and services to people who have sway or influence over the things other people buy. With influencer marketing, the focus is placed on influential people instead of the target market. When you employ this strategy, it's your goal to identify the people who have influence over buyers and then organize your marketing strategy around them. So, does this mean that influencers are only famous people? No, not necessa...
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How Facebook's latest changes impact influencers and the future of social media marketing

Businesses need to rethink their social media strategies as the latest changes to Facebook's News Feed algorithm start prioritizing "meaningful interactions" between people over non-paid content from brands. As the changes roll out over the next few months, marketers will need to create better content with posts that generate comments and discussion, rather than shares and likes, to drive engagement. Here marketing expert Keenan Beasley explores how the right strategy, influencer partnershi...
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How digital marketing will change in 2018: 15 top trends

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and to stay ahead of the game you need to keep pace with shifting trends and emerging technologies. Your customers are seeking greater authenticity and a better customer experience. They're mostly using mobile devices, are constantly bombarded with ads, have a limited attention span and are getting used to speaking rather than typing. And, when it comes to personalization and targeting, your digital marketing strategy also has to factor in the requir...
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What marketers need to know about LinkedIn

Whether you're an entrepreneur or marketer having a presence on LinkedIn is crucial. While it continues to be a great platform for showcasing your résumé and building a successful career, the professional networking aspect only scratches the surface of LinkedIn's potential. While social media marketing has been mostly focusing on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has been quietly "evolving into a thriving network of incredible content, influencers and networking opportunities unmatched by other s...
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Tips for engaging in influencer marketing

​ As entrepreneurs, at some point we have to delve into the world of marketing to help shape the odds in our favour, because it's all very well having a brilliant product or service, but if no one knows about it we won't get anywhere. The field of marketing and marketing communications is vast, and thanks to rapid technological developments, it's constantly progressing, changing and evolving and keeping abreast of marketing trends is a job in itself. One aspect of marketing that technology has h...
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