6 successful women share how they defeated 'impostor syndrome'

Women entrepreneurs often have to overcome the challenge of cultural stereotyping and gender bias, especially when it comes to raising capital. Yet we also need to be aware of how our own mindset and pre-conceptions can stop us achieving our goals. Even the most successful entrepreneurs can struggle with imposter syndrome and women are particularly susceptible to this form of self-doubt, especially when working in a male dominated field. In this article, six members of the Young E...
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30-year-old millionaire: This is how to beat self-doubt

You might think introversion, lack of confidence, self-doubt and imposter syndrome would stand in the way of success, and yet 30-year-old entrepreneur Kyle Taylor, the founder and CEO of the Penny Hoarder, not only overcame these challenges he also discovered how introversion “can be a strength when channeled correctly.” He shares here some of the things he wishes he’d known at age 22 and the strategies he uses to keep moving forward. [Read the full article on cnbc.com]

5 different types of imposter syndrome (and 5 ways to battle each one)

If you believe your accomplishments are down an external factor—a lucky streak or help you’ve received from others—rather than your own abilities, you may be sabotaging your success.  High achieving women in particular are often plagued by self-doubt, believing their success is undeserved and living in fear that they’re going to be revealed as imposters at any moment. Melody Wilding explores here the different forms of imposter syndrome and shares how you can overcome your feelings of inade...
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5 simple strategies for conquering self-doubt

According to research, about 70 percent of people are affected at some point in their lives by imposter syndrome, with persistent feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and intellectual fraudulence— despite evidence of their achievements and success. If you find yourself tormented by thoughts such as these, use one or more of the five strategies suggested in this article to conquer your self-doubt. [Read the full article on success.com]

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