Should you hire your friends?


How to build a successful business team

While it's common for startups to wait too long before they start hiring, you won't be able to do everything yourself when it comes to growing the business. You need to start building a team that shares your vision and values, while bringing the right balance of skills and experience to fill key roles in the business. Having the wrong team is one of the top reasons for startup failure, so you need to be selective and strategic about the people you choose to work with. To help you build a winning...
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7 mistakes small business owners make when they hire

Being solely responsible for all the hiring decisions can be daunting. Having the right employees is crucial to the success of any business and for a small business with only a few employees, there's very little margin for error. A bad hire can damage the company's reputation and it can be difficult for the business to recover. So it's essential to invest time and effort into creating an effective hiring strategy to maximize your chances of hiring the right employees. To help you avoid the compl...
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Creating an effective onboarding process for startups

The typical large company has an employee on-boarding process that works and is a natural part of their system, but there's no reason your startup can't follow the same game plan. In this article, we will look at creating an effective on-boarding process for startups. This is very important to emerging businesses as it not only gets everyone started on the right foot, but it sets the tone for your company culture. Onboarding provides your employees with training, direction and guidelines. Withou...
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What to do when you realize you made a bad hire

Finding, evaluating and onboarding new talent can be time-consuming and expensive, yet you don't want to cut corners because you know how important it is for the success of the business. Getting it right enhances the company culture and provides a good return on your investment in the hiring process; getting it wrong ends up costing the company much more in the long term. While it isn't easy to admit you've made a significant mistake in hiring someone who's a poor fit, you need to act decisively...
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Why fast learning curves are so important to startups

Startups are designed to grow fast and with a steep growth curve comes a steep learning curve. As it scales, the company is going to need new levels of management and one of the biggest mistakes you can make when hiring is to look for experience rather than aptitude. "Every lead hired today, whether marketing, sales, engineering or product, will have a very different job nine months from now, much less two years from now," writes venture capitalist Tomasz Tunguz. And he demonstrates in this blog...
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15 soft skills to look for when hiring new employees

Having the right technical skills and expertise doesn't guarantee someone's going to be a competent and effective employee. If you want to hire the best people for your business, you need to look beyond their hard skills to find evidence of their soft skills. Although they can be more difficult to quantify, these are the skills that can bring greater value to the business. The first step in evaluating a candidate's soft skills is to know what you're looking for. With this in mind, Young Ent...
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3 common hiring mistakes new managers should avoid

Being able to make good hiring decisions is crucial for running a successful business. A good hire delivers a return on investment. A bad hire is a waste of time and money, damages morale, and could set the business back years. The recruitment, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding of a new employee is "one of the hardest skills for a new manager to learn, in part because — unless you're working at a very fast-growing company — you typically don't get a lot of practice with it," says e...
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This entrepreneur built a multi-million dollar company by following these 3 hiring principles

The time, effort and expense you put into hiring the best employees for your business is the single most important investment you'll make. And the key to getting the best return on your investment is to create a company culture that builds trust, motivates and empowers people, and provides opportunities for growth. For an IT services company to grow to 450-plus employees is impressive because—without a product to sell—it's the team you're selling, writes Robbie Abed. Here, he shares the lessons ...
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The costs of a bad hire

Have you ever asked yourself what it costs to hire an employee who doesn't turn out to be right for your business? The U.S. Department of Labor says it costs you at least 30% of your employee's first-year earnings if they're a bad hire. For many startups, losing five figures because you hired the wrong person may mean the difference between success and failure. Let's take a look at the costs of a bad hire, so you can avoid the devastating consequences to your startup.   Initial hiring costs...
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