Building the right network for your business

Building a network is one of the most important things you can do to help your business thrive—and building the right network is crucial. Although networking events provide opportunities to meet people who can support you and your business in some way, it takes time and patience to cultivate authentic relationships. Here, founder and CEO Isa Watson shares her top tips for successful networking, including how segmenting your relationships and knowing how to prioritize them will help you buil...
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The 2-day goal setting process that will make 2019 your best year yet

While many business leaders prefer to set aside time towards the end of the year to plan for the next, it's not too late to put together your annual plan for 2019. What's important isn't when you do your planning; it's how you do it that matters, says business coach Bruce Eckfeldt. It's important to remember that annual strategic planning is a decision making process that's less about setting numerical targets and more about "making tough but important choices," says Eckfeldt. Her...
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Why founders need to learn these three things to scale their business

Being a founder often means having to perform almost every role in the business while you have limited resources for hiring. As the company starts to grow however, you'll have neither the time nor the expertise to cover every functional area of the business. And trying to do everything yourself is going to hinder your performance, limit your creativity and distract you from the strategic decision making that will determine the company's future. By cultivating a strong team of leaders to run...
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Advice for first time founders

First-time startup founders face a steep learning curve and they often learn the most important lessons "through brutal experience." While every startup is different and what works for one company may not work for yours, being aware of the pitfalls can save you time and money, and guide you towards making better business decisions. To help you avoid making the same mistakes other startups made in their early days, this blog post shares the answers founders gave Zach Dixon when he posed the ...
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Letter to a would-be entrepreneur

The romanticized vision many people have of a successful entrepreneur is rather like seeing an Olympic athlete's medal winning performance without taking into account the gruelling training schedules and years of dedication they've put into achieving their success. While being an entrepreneur can be fun, exciting and rewarding, building a successful business can also be challenging and stressful—and not everyone is cut out for it. In this open letter to an aspiring entrepreneur, Maynar...
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11 painful moments CEOs and founders thought their business was sunk — and how they turned it around

Knowing when accepting failure is the better option and when to keep fighting is a dilemma most entrepreneurs face at least once. Making the decision to close the doors on a business you're passionate about is a tough call to make. And usually, the longer you delay the greater the risk of digging yourself deeper into a financial hole. Yet sometimes all it takes a flash of inspiration or a lucky break to pull the business back from the brink. Here, Shana Lebowitz shares how some of the most succe...
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Westerwelle Young Founders Programme – Autumn 2018: Apply Now

The Berlin-based Westerwelle Foundation for International Understanding is calling for young entrepreneurs from developing and emerging economies to apply for a place on the Westerwelle Young Founders Programme 2018. The fully funded 12-month programme is offering 25 "exceptional entrepreneurs" regular online mentorship and a chance to meet each other and connect with the German startup scene during the annual conference in Berlin 16 – 20 October 2018. They'll also have opportunities to meet suc...
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Seedcamp closes €68.3 million seed fund to invest in next generation of European unicorns

With an influx of more than 100 new investors, London-based Seedcamp has announced the final close of its fourth fund at £60 million. This latest fund is more than 30x bigger than the firm's initial fund, dating back to its launch in 2007 as Europe's first seed fund. And in just six months since the first close of Fund IV at £41M the firm has already made 15 new investments. The firm is now planning to invest in up to 100 startups from across Europe at pre-seed and seed stages across a variety o...
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Why you should never have a data room — the most counter-intuitive fund-raising advice

Fundraising for your startup can be a slow and painful process involving a lot of documentation. Being prepared for due diligence by having all of your paperwork in order from the outset can increase your chances of a successful funding round. However, that doesn't mean you should hand over all your documents at the start of the process. Although investors often ask for access to your "data room" so they can analyse whether your company a good investment for them, there's no good reaso...
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3 components of the perfect elevator pitch

When you have to deliver a succinct and persuasive pitch in 60 seconds or less, every second counts. The aim is to grab your audience's attention so they'll want to know more and the key is to crystallize your speech into a brief and compelling message that's infused with personality and passion. Whether you are pitching a product, a service or yourself, there are three essential components in an elevator pitch, writes entrepreneur, CEO and founder David Meltzer. To help you become pitch-perfect...
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