Take these 3 essential steps when it’s time to let an employee go

You know you have a problem staffer at your business, but you are too busy to address the issues at hand. So you avoid the problem and eventually sit down with the employee to say, "It's just not working out, so we're letting you go."If this sounds familiar, you could be setting yourself up for expensive and protracted litigation, says Scott Warrick, an employment attorney and HR consultant who is the author of the book Solve Employee Problems Before They Start. "Part of good employee relations ...
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What to do when you realize you made a bad hire

Finding, evaluating and onboarding new talent can be time-consuming and expensive, yet you don't want to cut corners because you know how important it is for the success of the business. Getting it right enhances the company culture and provides a good return on your investment in the hiring process; getting it wrong ends up costing the company much more in the long term. While it isn't easy to admit you've made a significant mistake in hiring someone who's a poor fit, you need to act decisively...
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