How financial modeling helps startups

Before investing time, effort and money into launching a new business, you need to know whether it's financially viable. Creating a customized financial model is a key element of effective business planning. It helps you to identify strengths and weakness in your business, anticipate problems that may affect your cash flow, make informed business decisions, and plan for the future. And a solid financial model is also a pre-requisite if you're looking to raise funding. Here, Kate L. Harrison shar...
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Death by revenue plan

The majority of new startups are going to fail and a major cause of failure is running out of cash. This is why the financial section is arguably the most important component of your business plan. No matter how great your vision, product and strategies are, you need to demonstrate the business is viable and that you can back up your growth strategy with good figures. And while you may want to impress investors with optimistic projections, your estimates must be firmly grounded in reality. Here,...
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Resolutions revisited: 5 steps to reenergize your money life

For many of us, New Year's resolutions are all about creating new habits for self-improvement and living a happier healthier life. However, especially if you struggled to make an early December payday stretch to the end of January, it might be worth revisiting your resolutions to include getting your finances in better shape. Even when your day-to-day finances are running smoothly there may be debts you want to clear or a nest egg you want to start building. Here, financial planner Michael F. Ka...
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