Should you be using Facebook or Youtube ads?

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook's data problem

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook village? Social media giant to build 'social housing'

Facebook is looking to build 1,5000 homes in Menlo Park in a bid to tackle the increasing pressure on San Franciso Bay Area housing. The massive influx of staff employed by high tech companies has led to a growing demand for housing and forced thousands of other workers to move out of the area due to huge hikes in rent, which have more than tripled in Menlo Park since Facebook moved its headquarters there in 2011. While local residents are concerned about growing inequality in the area, Menlo Pa...
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Best career advice from Facebook’s second in command

Sheryl Sandberg, also known as ‘Facebook’s second in command’ and one of the most infamous women’s rights advocates in the US, is one of those people who has an impact on others, for better or for worse. She is as loved as she is hated (she’s even been called “the world’s most annoying person”) but nobody can deny how hard she has worked to shape the odds in her favor and in favor of many other working women out there. The data speaks for itself: Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebo...
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5 ways startups can use Facebook Live to connect with their followers

According to one study , social video generates 1,200 more shares than text and images combined. This is the most convincing reason you should be capitalizing on Facebook video for relationship building with your customers. Facebook Live allows you to connect with your followers using live-streaming video. Your followers can react to the video as it streams, asking questions and posting comments. This increases your engagement in real time. Let’s look at how you can use Facebook Live to connect ...
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10 powerful tips for using Facebook for business

As the largest social media network, Facebook provides a highly influential platform for grabbing consumer attention. Creating your own business page establishes your presence on Facebook to help you find new customers and consolidate your relationship with existing customers.  Although creating a free business page takes only a few minutes, with these top tips you can delve a little deeper and improve how you manage your page to achieve maximum engagement. [ Read the full article on busine...
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