Digitalization: the path to employee engagement

The Robots are Here: Good news – for employees While robots which vacuum the carpet, mow the lawn or deliver lunch are cute time savers, their possible entry into the workplace can be scary. Employees who have spent years performing a routine task can be threatened by the idea of technology taking over their job. People in customer facing roles (cashiers, bank tellers, check-in agents) may argue that use of self service or remote interfaces 'dehumanizes' the company. Business leaders today know ...
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Train your employees to have difficult conversations

The challenges SMEs face when sending employees abroad

Hiring and retaining the right people is challenging for any business. And choosing a suitable candidate who can meet the demands of an overseas assignment creates additional challenges. Compared with large companies, SMEs often have less experience in having staff based overseas, smaller budgets for relocation and fewer resources available to support employees on long-term assignments abroad. While having staff based overseas always comes with some risks, the rewards of a successful assignment ...
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Six components of corporate culture help attract and retain talent

A healthy company culture is one of your strongest assets, helping you to attract and retain top talent. The culture of any organization is defined by the values, behaviors and practices that create its unique environment. The stronger the culture, the better your employees understand what's expected of them and what they're working towards. And a high level of employee engagement translates into high performance and low staff turnover. This article explores the elements that mаkе uр a company's...
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How coworking impacts innovation for startups and small businesses in the U.K.

Coworking has become a way of life for many startups, freelancers, remote teams and individual employees with flexible working arrangements. And the coworking market shows no signs of slowing down, writes Jo Gifford. Research shows an average annual growth rate of 24.2 percent since 2007 and forecasts estimate 30,432 spaces and 5.1 million paid coworking members worldwide by 2022. In this article, Gifford explores the myriad benefits of coworking, for businesses and individuals alike, and how it...
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Managers: this is when your constructive criticism is needed (and when it's not)

Feedback is crucial for making sure everyone delivers his or her best performance at work. Employees need to know what they are doing well and not so well and, when it's delivered with the right intentions and in a way that's helpful, feedback is a valuable part of their learning and development. Since the purpose of giving feedback is to improve a situation or a person's performance, you need to think carefully about why you're giving feedback and how you're going to approach it. "Where and whe...
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These are the reasons why your whole team is burning out

Employee burnout is reaching crisis level in the U.S. according to a 2017 study and it's becoming a major contributor to staff turnover.  Employee burnout impacts individual and team performance. It reduces productivity, undermines employee engagement, increases absenteeism—and ultimately it can lead to your top talent leaving the company altogether.  Much of the conversation around burnout focuses on what individuals can do to avoid or reco...
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How might employee addiction be impacting your business?

Any one of your employees could be affected by drug or alcohol addiction. Whether they're caring for someone or dealing with their own substance abuse, those affected often suffer in silence because of the stigma surrounding addiction. Despite being an expensive problem in terms of lost productivity, only one in five HR professionals says their company proactively deals with employee addiction issues, writes Jerry Haffey Jr. Here, he explores the business risks associated with addiction and shar...
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Three qualities all great creative thinkers have in common

  Entrepreneurship is practically synonymous with innovation and risk taking. Yet you may have employees who share the same entrepreneurial spirit—although they prefer to innovate within an established company rather than start their own. These are the employees who "can come up with amazing ideas for exciting new products and services, spotting opportunities where others see obstacles," writes Hannah Abbot. For this to happen you need to recognize the intrapreneurs you already have your bu...
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How to reboot an unmotivated employee

Even the best employees can become demotivated and when individual members of your team aren't firing on all cylinders it can impact the morale of those around them. As a leader you need to "recognise the signs of a demotivated employee, and have strategies in place to assist and re-energise them before the situation escalates into a bigger problem," writes Barry Chignell. Here, he explores some of the factors that can cause a lack motivation, how to recognise the warning signs, and the steps yo...
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