A new study reveals 70 percent of workers say they are actively looking for a new job. Here's the reason in 5 words

With research showing the majority of employees in the U.S. are either actively looking for a new job or thinking about it, business leaders need to consider how to increase job satisfaction if they want to retain their best employees. Marcel Schwantes shares here "some of the more glaring findings" from research into what's causing such high levels of job dissatisfaction. He also reveals the "one overarching issue organizations need to address" and the steps organisations can take to improve th...
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5 employee benefits small companies can offer new employees

Your startup is in its early stages, or perhaps you've been in business for a while, and you're ready to hire employees. Have you thought about how you'll hire the best ones? The most beneficial thing for your startup and your employees is to offer a healthy benefits package. In this article, we look at five employee benefits small companies can offer new employees, but first let's look at why you should offer benefits at all.   The reasons you should offer benefits Yes, offering perks to y...
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4 creative ideas to make Mondays more fun for your team

Switching back into work mode after a carefree weekend can make Monday mornings the least favorite day of the week for your employees. And just one employee with the Monday blues can impact the motivation, creativity, productivity and performance of everyone around them. "As an employer, you want your employees to be productive all week long, no matter what day is," writes Terra Vicario. And you can help your team look forward to Mondays, instead of dreading them, by implementing these top tips ...
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The four-day work week is good for business

  A New Zealand company is looking to implement a four-day working week following the success of an eight-week trial earlier this year. Researchers found that allowing employees to work 32 hours over four days—without any reduction in pay—not only improved work-life balance it also led to increased job satisfaction and better performance at work. Here, Adele Peters reveals how the experiment motivated employees to find ways of increasing their productivity during the four-day week by w...
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How to motivate frontline employees

Keeping employees engaged and productive is a key component of success, yet many organizations unwittingly stifle motivation and performance through leadership practices that are counterproductive. "Why  people work determines how well they work," write Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi. And the practice of creating emotional and economic pressure to drive performance can reduce motivation and worsen performance instead of improving it. Here, the authors share how implementing a new operation...
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The secret to retaining your best employees

Finding and hiring top talent is a challenge for any business. It can be a time-consuming and expensive process. And, especially when you're operating on a tight budget, once you've found the right people you'll want make sure you keep them. As a leader, that means being proactive about engagement and creating an environment where employees feel valued and have ample opportunities to grow and learn. Here, Jon Forknell shares how you can use people analytics to help you learn more about what make...
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New LinkedIn research reveals the 3 surprising keys to attracting and retaining today's talent

The way we work is evolving and so is the way we evaluate our jobs. Employee expectations are higher than ever and employers often struggle with the challenge of engaging and retaining the best talent. Research shows job satisfaction has reached an all-time low with around half of employees looking for another job. And a pay rise alone isn't enough to convince an unhappy employee to stay if it means they have to tolerate a poor or toxic workplace culture. Here, Scott Mautz shares key findings fr...
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Neuroscience offers insights into employee engagement

Engaged employees can remain focused and productive for longer periods, which improves business performance and helps boost your bottom line. Yet many businesses struggle to achieve a high level of employee engagement. In recent years, advances in neuroscience—the study of the nervous system including the brain—have been shedding more light onto how biology influences emotions and behaviour. Here, Cath Everett shares how to leverage these insights to gain a better understanding of what makes you...
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Six components of corporate culture help attract and retain talent

A healthy company culture is one of your strongest assets, helping you to attract and retain top talent. The culture of any organization is defined by the values, behaviors and practices that create its unique environment. The stronger the culture, the better your employees understand what's expected of them and what they're working towards. And a high level of employee engagement translates into high performance and low staff turnover. This article explores the elements that mаkе uр a company's...
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How the best start-ups manage their talent life cycle

It takes more than a great product to build a successful business; you need a high-performing and diverse team of talented people. As a leader you're responsible for the talent life cycle, which means it's your job to recruit, nurture, and retain the people who are going to drive your company's growth. Here, Henry Williams shares insights from some of the UK's top start-ups and London & Partners' Business Growth Programme's Access to Talent report to explore how you can successfully manage y...
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