Why your startup needs an employee handbook

An employee handbook is vital to the success of your startup. But, perhaps you're wondering why your startup needs an employee handbook and when it's appropriate to create one. Two of the simplest reasons you need one are for the creation of processes and policies and to facilitate benefits administration. Let's look at these reasons as well as a few others, but first, let's discuss when you need one.   When do you need a handbook? While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, it's the best pr...
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Overcome these 5 biases to be a better leader

Being able to attract, hire, develop and retain top talent is a key goal for every business and it's also a major challenge. Developing the capabilities of employees and managing individual and team performance is vital for the success of the business. Yet, despite knowing the vital role it plays in differentiating the company and remaining competitive, leaders often struggle to deliver the necessary coaching and training. Here, Jake Wilder explores some of the cognitive biases that impact our a...
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Managers: this is when your constructive criticism is needed (and when it's not)

Feedback is crucial for making sure everyone delivers his or her best performance at work. Employees need to know what they are doing well and not so well and, when it's delivered with the right intentions and in a way that's helpful, feedback is a valuable part of their learning and development. Since the purpose of giving feedback is to improve a situation or a person's performance, you need to think carefully about why you're giving feedback and how you're going to approach it. "Where and whe...
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How the best start-ups manage their talent life cycle

It takes more than a great product to build a successful business; you need a high-performing and diverse team of talented people. As a leader you're responsible for the talent life cycle, which means it's your job to recruit, nurture, and retain the people who are going to drive your company's growth. Here, Henry Williams shares insights from some of the UK's top start-ups and London & Partners' Business Growth Programme's Access to Talent report to explore how you can successfully manage y...
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