How to embrace emotions at work


Entrepreneurship takes a mental toll: Here's how to cope

Although many people think of entrepreneurship as a way to escape the 'rat race' of a daily commute, a demanding boss, an unfulfilling job or a stifling company culture, the reality is that running your own company can also take its toll on your mental health.  Entrepreneurship has its own responsibilities and challenges and it's easy to become overwhelmed if you're not prepared for them. To help you keep a healthy perspective during your entrepreneurial journey, business and leadershi...
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Announcing The Reverse Hackathon — Ethics+Technology

A call is going out for academics, designers, psychologists, entrepreneurs, developers, educators, and others to come together and reverse the current trend of apps and tools that are addictive, propagate misinformation and promote negative self-perception. The Reverse Hackathon 2018 asks groups to identify issues with existing technologies and present a 5-minute pitch for improving them in a way that better serves "our collective mental and emotional health." The hackathon takes ...
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