Digitalization: the path to employee engagement

The Robots are Here: Good news – for employees While robots which vacuum the carpet, mow the lawn or deliver lunch are cute time savers, their possible entry into the workplace can be scary. Employees who have spent years performing a routine task can be threatened by the idea of technology taking over their job. People in customer facing roles (cashiers, bank tellers, check-in agents) may argue that use of self service or remote interfaces 'dehumanizes' the company. Business leaders today know ...
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Digital business: imperative not an option for customer success

How to get started now In 2015, IDC predicted that within three years the top 30% of companies in all industries would be seriously challenged by an innovative competitor.Today, only two years later, this seems conservative as Tesla, Uber, and others overtake the automotive industry, Amazon dominates retail globally and born-digital startups penetrate all traditional markets. For business leaders, the question is no longer whether to implement a digital strategy but when and how to do so. With t...
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The robots are coming: Good news for employees

While using augmented reality games or tools such as Alexia can be cool, robotics, AI and VR in the workplace are scary for many people. For business leaders chartered with digitalization, this creates a dilemma as successful technology adoption requires full engagement and support of staff members. Faced with change, employees need to first understand this CAN be good news. Digital tools can make it easier to complete projects and provide opportunities to learn – leading to higher salary and gr...
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Supermarket leverages digitalization to increase revenue and employee satisfaction

​ With new online competition, success in the retail grocery market is increasingly challenging. When tasked with implementation of technology to reduce the cost and increase efficiency of customer checkout, the leaders on one local store of a large chain took a creative approach. They started with the standard pilot of self-serve checkout stations; however, this had limited adoption. When asking customers as they were queueing for the 'traditional checkout' about their resistance to the self-se...
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If you can’t beat them, join them

With large customer bases, heavy investment in technology such as machine learning, the "Big Four" global technology companies are growing rapidly. A key strategy for Google, Amazon, and Microsoft has been acquisition – of small innovative companies in similar or adjacent industries or traditional companies (such as Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods). The question many smaller tech companies, as well as non-digital enterprises, are asking today is "How Can We Protect Ourselves from the Giants". F...
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Leading digitalization: Nordic happiness pays off

Digitalization, the use of technology to streamline work processes, access information and improve global productivity can be considered the ‘next big paradigm shift’, impacting the way we all work, live and relate to one another. As with all change, this brings both benefits and challenges. Based on recent Gallup polls have indicated that less than 15% of workers today feel truly engaged and happy in their jobs, change is needed. Often low employee satisfaction is the lack of challenge and oppo...
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Digitalization: Great opportunity for Norwegian success

The rapid advances in technological capabilities, combined with the global growth of entrepreneurialism and the ‘sharing economy’ bring many new opportunities for Norway. However, there can be challenges as new digital competitors compete with traditional corporations in all industries and today’s buyers demand engaging digital access to what they need when they need it. Welcome to the Digital Age. This world of digitalization brings great opportunities for growth of new innovations and transfor...
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The travelers journey via value travel value network

Like all industries, the world of travel is evolving rapidly through technological innovation and changing consumer demographics. The ubiquity of technology today makes it easy for travelers to learn about various destinations, then select and book flights, rooms, tours and many related products and services – all from mobile or web devices. Traditional travel agencies, hotels, tour agencies and airport shopping are often circumvented as travelers ‘self-plan’ their own experience. Gaining the ‘w...
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Digitalization – Is your business ready?

Through effective use and leverage of technology, service-based business models and enhanced customer experience, organizations such as Adobe, Daimler Benz, Hilton and Schibsted Finn have achieved growth in revenue, profit and market valuation. Across all industries, digital capabilities, along with new market dynamics and buying patterns are driving the need for change. Benefits of digitalization include: Increased customer loyalty and retention – leading to more predictable revenue streams Abi...
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Digitalization is more than technology usage

Today, ‘digitalization’ is the hot topic, buzzword and goal of most organizations – from industrial companies through startups and public / government entities. However the term ‘digitalization’ is frequently (mis) used to describe use of mobile and other technology in one’s daily life and work. Real digitalization of an organization involves: Delivering solutions to customers through technology (ie ‘solution as a service’, software, platform / API integration) Gathering, understanding and lever...
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