The 15 best cities for remote working – global index

Remote working is growing in popularity. For many people it means not having to relocate for a new job. For others, it means being able to relocate to anywhere in the world without having to change jobs. And for some, it means being able to work while travelling the world as a fully-fledged digital nomad. There are a few things to consider before packing your bags to work abroad. To help you choose your ideal destination, this blog post ranks the top 15 cities in the world for remote w...
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How to get maximum focus and creativity with environmental design

Workspace design can significantly impact creativity and productivity and for businesses that means creating office environments that blend open spaces for interaction and collaboration with quiet areas to allow workers to focus without constant distractions. If you work remotely, whether from home or elsewhere, your options for creating the optimal workspace may be limited. Even in a small space or on a tight budget however, there are some simple changes you can make. Here, Kunal Shandilya shar...
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Work from anywhere in the world: the hype and the reality of becoming a digital nomad

Technology continues to transform the way we work and live, and for many people it removes geographical limitations on where they can work. With the internet, smartphones, apps, and online services making remote working easier than ever, many people are combining their career with the freedom to travel. Although the term 'digital nomad' may conjure up images of swapping the daily grind of the office for a laptop and a hammock on a tropical beach, the reality is often quite different. Natasha Sta...
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How this 27-year-old made $1 million last year

Four years after graduating with an MBA, and a $38,000 student loan debt, 27 year old Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is now a digital nomad who earned almost $1 million last year. In this article she shares how she was able to leave her regular job as a financial analyst, with several side jobs to pay off her student loans, to enjoy the freedom of a “location-independent lifestyle” by turning her hobby into a lucrative source of income.   [Read the full article on forbes.com]

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