Does your startup need cyber liability insurance?

As a startup, you know you need general liability insurance, property insurance, and workers compensation insurance, but have you ever considered cyber liability insurance? What is cyber liability insurance Cyber insurance generally covers your startup's liability for a data breach that can involve private, sensitive customer information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, addresses, health records and driver's license numbers. When hackers gain this informatio...
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7 things your opt-in forms need to do to gain email subscribers

Email marketing can be a highly effective and inexpensive way to boost sales and increase customer loyalty and it starts with your opt-in form. To grow your subscriber list, you need to pique your readers' curiosity with engaging copy that compels them to opt-in. Your audience needs to feel confident about giving you their email address and they need to understand the value they'll get in exchange, says marketing expert Susan Gunelius. Here Gunelius shares how to improve your email marketing to ...
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The three things that will make you successful in marketing

Marketing has changed considerably in recent years and what was once considered an art is now a blend of creativity, strategy and technology. As social media became a tool for brands to connect with consumers, search engines started using advanced ranking algorithms, and browsing online became increasingly personal, marketers have had to move fast to keep up with the latest trends. And with artificial intelligence and data-driven marketing gathering momentum, the marketing landscape is continuin...
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Legacy retailers must diversify or die

The importance of understanding your customer and delivering an unrivalled customer experience, tailored to their exact wants and needs, has never been greater. And retailers who are unwilling or unable to adopt a new mindset will "sign their own death warrant," says Natalie Berg, founder of retail consultancy NBK Retail. While legacy retailers need to consider how best to use data to "track down their customers in the digital environment," they also need to avoid intrusive data practices, write...
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Common cyberattacks explained

Startup Guide raises €250K and launches the first localized platform to help anyone build a startup

Startup Guide, a 20-person team based in Berlin and Lisbon, is launching a new platform to guide entrepreneurs through the challenges of building a startup from scratch in any city. Following the success of its Entrepreneurs' Handbook series, the company is launching a new digital platform offering "practical information, tailored resources and an extensive network of local experts" to help entrepreneurs navigate local administrative and legal requirements as well as funding ...
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Code First: Girls to plug digital skills gap by teaching 20,000 women to code by 2020

Code First: Girls is launching a new campaign to help plug the UK digital skills gap by teaching 20,000 young women how to code by the end of 2020. Apart from offering free training, the multi-award winning social enterprise is also building a community platform for course alumnae to learn from and support each other. The campaign aims to address the shortage of skilled employees and gender imbalance in the UK's digital tech sector with funding from KKR, OVH and other key partners. Members of th...
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Transform for success in digital future

By 2020, half of the current Global 100 companies will be marginalized by new or more nimble competitors according to IDC. For business leaders, the question is no longer whether to transform their business to succeed in the digital world but how to adapt, develop new revenue streams and delight global customers. For companies with large customer, employee, and revenue bases, changing the business model, organizational structures and processes can be daunting. However, now is the best time to ge...
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Here’s how social video will evolve in 2018

  As digital marketing continues to evolve, all the signs are pointing to an increasing preference for video content. Today's consumers not only have greater choice over what to watch, they also have more choice about when, where, and how to watch media. Video content already accounts for more than two-thirds of internet traffic, according to estimates. And this number is set to continue growing with the increasing availability of high-bandwidth video on mobile devices. Marketers are facing...
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Apple sends the digital ad industry scrambling to preserve web tracking

The introduction of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in the latest version of Apple's Safari web browser is adding fuel to the debate between privacy advocates and the online advertising sector. ITP uses machine learning to limit the cross-site tracking that allows your browsing history to display ads from a site you've already visited on other sites you subsequently visit. Although it's a lucrative practice for advertisers, it can seem intrusive to users. With the European Union'...
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