The importance of confidence

The surprising method this founder uses to feel more confident every day

Rejection hurts and we instinctively want to avoid things that cause us pain. As an entrepreneur however, you'll likely experience a lot of rejection before achieving success and the key is learning to use it to your advantage rather than trying to avoid it. By shifting your focus you can use rejection to boost your confidence instead of crushing it. Here, Wanda Thibodeaux shares how founder Sarah Jones deals with rejection in a way that will increase your emotional intelligence and&nb...
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Your words are powerful: 8 positive speaking habits to build yourself up

Words have immense power, and your choice of words could be sabotaging your success without you realizing it. The words and phrases you use not only affect other people; they can also undermine your own confidence. "The saying, 'The words you speak become the house you live in,' holds great truth," says best-selling author and international speaker Margie Warrell. "If you use positive language about yourself and your ability to meet challenges and achieve your goals, then that is what will show ...
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Unlock self confidence

The 5 top entrepreneurial skills for starting a business

Learning key leadership and entrepreneurial skills at a young age can significantly improve your chances of success in business, in the workplace, and in life. This is why Five Woods Summer School in the UK is inviting young people aged 14 to 16 to participate in a residential programme featuring seminars and interactive workshops led by entrepreneurs and business leaders, together with fun and challenging activities that cultivate the skills they need to be successful. This article ex...
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Master these 5 attributes to successfully influence others

Although executive presence may be hard to define, you'll recognize it when you see it. When someone has the ability to command attention and wield their power and influence with warmth, humor and charm, it's tempting to think it must be something they were born with. And yet, while it may come more easily to some people than others, it's probably a skill they've worked hard to achieve. Your appearance, body language, and tone of voice all influence how others perceive you—and anyone can learn t...
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3 small changes that’ll make you sound like a more confident leader

How you use language says a lot about your personality and leadership style. As well as having significant impact on the way other people perceive you, your choice of words can also affect how you see yourself. Although poor word choices can undermine your credibility, with awareness and practice you can eliminate weak vocabulary and replace words and phrases that diminish your confidence and authority with more decisive and assertive alternatives. In this article, Julia Bonner shares some ...
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This common word makes you sound more negative than you want to

Effective communication skills are essential for success in every aspect of your life and being able to express yourself clearly and accurately means choosing your words carefully. Poorly chosen words can detract from your authority, undermine your confidence, create confusion, and at worst, they can lead to friction and conflict. While word choice does involve accuracy, it's not just about the meaning of a particular word, it's also about the subtle ways that meaning can be affected by the cont...
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One question to make saying no easier than ever

We all want to be accepted and liked; it's part of human nature. And our fear of being judged, disliked, or rejected means we often put other people's needs before our own. As children we learn that it's rude, selfish or unkind to turn down a request and our childhood beliefs can persist into adulthood. So even when there's no other compelling reason for us to agree, we say 'yes' rather than risk hurting, angering or disappointing someone. However, saying 'yes' when...
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This is how to respond to a question you don’t know the answer to

Being able to communicate with confidence helps establish your credibility and influence whatever your position at work and is an essential skill for a leadership role. A person who speaks with confidence is more likely to be perceived as competent, while frequently answering questions with "I don't know" can make you seem incompetent or uninformed. To avoid getting flustered next time you're put on the spot by a question you don't have the answer to, practise delivering a more powerful response...
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