These are the 4 reasons you suck at public speaking (and how to fix them)

Although public speaking doesn't come naturally to everyone, it doesn't have to be the nerve-wracking experience many people consider it to be. With practise you can learn to become a confident public speaker with an engaging presentation style. And the more speeches or presentations you deliver, the more opportunities you'll have to hone your public speaking skills. Whether it's a keynote speech at a conference, or a presentation at your next team meeting, Lisa Evans shares here some top t...
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An entrepreneur who waited tables in college took away business lessons that made all the difference in his startup

Although waiting tables at college may not seem an obvious training ground for an entrepreneur, some of the most valuable lessons you can learn about running a business are the ones you learn outside of the classroom. For David Steckel, this was the job that helped him develop the skills he needed to succeed as cofounder of a company that matches customers with home maintenance vendors and contractors. Here Mark Abadi shares some of the most important lessons Steckel learned about nego...
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5 copy-and-paste calls to action you can (and should) use in your emails

  Clarity is the key to effective communication and keeping it simple and to the point is crucial when you're communicating by email. Being direct and specific doesn't mean you have to sacrifice courtesy or come across as pushy however. Stating your request clearly and concisely makes it easier for people to respond and using polite language helps you get your point across without sounding rude. Emails are often "so politely vague, they end up being completely unclear," writes Kat Boog...
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One easy way to have more influence

Communication is a core leadership function and to be highly effective in a leadership role you need exceptional communication skills. Yet in seeking to improve their speaking and writing skills, leaders often overlook another essential communication skill—listening. Leading with influence means being able to have a positive and lasting impact on others. And when it comes to creating an impact that inspires, motivates and persuades others, your listening skills outrank your verbal...
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Afraid of public speaking? 7 tips to do it well

Although public speaking is one of the most important skills to develop, many people are so afraid of giving a speech or presentation they'll avoid it altogether rather than learning to master it. Fear is a natural response to danger that prepares us to either confront or avoid a threat to our safety. Yet the fear of rejection, ridicule or humiliation can trigger the same response with symptoms that range from mild discomfort to intense anxiety. To help you overcome your fears and...
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8 times you should put down the phone and communicate in person

Email, texts, instant messaging and group chats are changing the way we communicate at work and being able to communicate instantly doesn't always mean we're communicating effectively. We're getting used to communicating through short, concise messages and this often leads to miscommunications, incorrect assumptions and misunderstandings. In this article, Deborah Goldstein shares some top tips from members of Forbes Coaches Council on recognizing when communicating in person is a better option t...
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How to get the help you need

In any culture that strongly encourages self-reliance, the toughest barrier to asking for help is our fear that it might seen as a sign of weakness or failure and—especially in the workplace—that it makes us look incompetent. We all have moments when we need other people's help to acquire new skills, overcome challenges, and achieve our goals. And sometimes it's the way we ask for help that makes people less inclined to give it, says social psychologist Heidi Grant. Here, she shares how to "lear...
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7 awful first sentences that are killing your outreach emails

Trying to strike up a conversation with someone you've never met before with the aim of forging a mutually beneficial relationship can be difficult. Yet this is what sales reps must do every time they cold email potential clients. If you rely on templates and worn out clichés, your emails can be becoming annoying, ineffective and impersonal—and they'll end up being among the many emails that your prospects ignore and delete. Here, Aja Frost shares how to rectify some of the most common...
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The 4 questions you should stop asking during your one-on-one meetings

One-on-one meetings can be a great way for managers, directors, and executives to establish rapport with their direct reports, identify potential problems and build stronger teams. Yet managers and employees alike often consider one-on-ones a waste of time with the same stale questions and unhelpful answers. As a leader, your role is to encourage a meaningful conversation in which your employees can discuss their role, the work environment and any issues or concerns they have. To help you get th...
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The importance of listening in leadership

Effective leadership requires strong communication skills—and listening is a fundamental component of communication. In sharing the same traits as some of the most powerful business visionaries, legendary basketball coach John Wooden developed outstanding leadership skills. On the importance of knowing when—and how—to listen he said, "If you wish to be heard, listen. Always seek to find the best way rather than insisting on your own way . " Here, Craig Impelman shares some of Coach Wooden's...
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